Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 15 Plot

The next day, Lin Heping and A Li went to work together. After A Li got off the car, Lin Heping went to the garage to park. Qiao Man just saw this scene and was stunned. A Li was very proud when he saw this, and stepped forward to greet Qiao Man deliberately, saying that Lin Heping liked him after all. Qiaoman couldn’t say anything, he was very unhappy in his heart.

When Yang Lan went to collect the water, he accidentally saw the audit team leader Ma put the fake account book in his bag. Yang Lan realized that the fake ledger was about to be revealed, and quickly reported to A Li. A Li calms Yanglan not to be nervous, and tells her to arrange He Accounting to travel.

Qiao Fang asked the doctor to read He Jianfeng’s medicine list, and the doctor told her that if she had medical insurance, she could save part of the cost. So, Qiao Fang told Qiao Man to go to Accountant He’s house to find a medical insurance card.

Qiao Fang wants to find a job as soon as possible. She recommended Qiao Fang to Yipin since she was young. Hansen heard that Qiao Fang was going to work at Yipin, thinking that he would often see Qiao Man, and happily prepared the Part. He didn’t know that Qiao Fang quit his job again to take care of He Jianfeng. When he went to the office to find Hansen, Hansen thought that Qiao Fang was here and opened the door happily. Seeing it was so small that it suddenly lost interest. When he saw it, he accused Hansen of nympho. Hansen’s words were so arrogant that he left in a huff.

Qiao Man went to He Jianfeng’s house after receiving the news from her sister. Before closing the door, Yang Lan walked in. When the two met, they both frightened each other. Yang Lan quickly found an excuse and slipped away. Qiaoman was puzzled.

Team Leader Ma found out that there was a loss of tens of millions of funds on the fake account book, and Director Yan hurried to find A Li when he learned about it. Director Yan threw the account book in front of A Li and solemnly asked A Li to explain the account book.

A Li said that the accounts have been reviewed by He Jianfeng. If you have any questions, you can ask He Jianfeng. Team Leader Ma could not contact He Jianfeng, and A Li immediately framed He Jianfeng and fled in fear of crime. All the responsibility was transferred to He Jianfeng. Therefore, Director Yan intends to find He Jianfeng to understand the situation first.

When Director Yan brought Team Leader Ma downstairs, he met Lin Heping. Lin Heping was surprised to see that the two of them looked serious. Dong Yan knew that Li Pingge’s ledger had always been managed by A Li, so he asked Lin Heping angrily to ask him. , Lin Heping hurried upstairs upon seeing this.

Yang Lan told about Qiaoman’s affairs at He Jianfeng’s house, and A Li secretly guessed that she was worried that Qiaoman learned of fraudulent accounts, which would be even more dangerous.

Lin Heping questioned A Li about the account book. A Li explained that the board was deliberately looking for something. Lin Heping thought it was A Li who shot himself in the foot. It turned out that in order to expand the company, A Li ignored Lin Heping’s opposition and accepted Director Yan’s investment. A Li said this is also for the company’s better development.

Lin Heping said that since he has accepted the money, he has to be responsible to them, and A Li said that he would actively cooperate with the investigation of the board of directors. Lin Heping questioned why A Li didn’t call He Jianfeng to confront him directly. A Li said he couldn’t contact He Jianfeng, and was full of resentment. Yang Lan hurried over, and was about to report to A Li, when he saw Lin Heping also quickly found an excuse and called A Li out. Upon seeing this, Lin Heping picked up A Li’s cell phone to call He Jianfeng, but the other party turned off.

When Qiao Man returned to the company, he happened to ran into A Li and Yang Lan. A Li arrogantly stopped Qiao Man and questioned her relationship with He Jianfeng. Qiaoman refused without humility. A Li didn’t catch the oil and water, and was very angry.

Qiaoman returned to his seat, and Lin Heping was sitting at the table waiting for her. Qiao Man just got angry from A Li, and saw Lin Heping vent immediately. Seeing this, Lin Heping got up to leave, Qiao Man stopped him and asked about He Jianfeng. Lin Heping was very surprised when he heard that. Qiao Man said that He Jianfeng and his sister had a very close relationship. Lin Heping immediately wanted to listen to gossip, Qiao Man refused. Qiao Man also wanted to inquire about He Jianfeng, and Lin Heping advised her to carefully modify the logo and prepare for participation.

Hansen planned to hold a wine fair, so he took a small wine to a high-end wine venue to post a leaflet, but he didn’t know that it would disrupt Luo Chen’s reception. Luo Chen unceremoniously wanted to drive away the two of them. Hansen fetched a bottle of red wine and wanted to do it. When he saw it, Hansen let go. When Hansen saw this, he immediately promoted it at the reception, threw the leaflet on the table, and left with him.

Hansen returns to Yipin, and An Kailun will return to Barcelona tomorrow. Hansen said that he would hold a wine fair. Ann Kailun agreed very much. Hansen teased that Ann Kailun liked this kind of small investment and big income. Ann Kailun believed that this was the way to achieve a family business. Then, An Kailun instructed Zhu Fan to watch Li Pingge’s every move and be fully prepared. Zhu Fan quickly agreed.

Lin Heping went to Qiao Man. Qiao Man was worrying about the volunteers. Lin Heping analyzed that it was for He Jianfeng, but Qiao Man was reluctant to tell him frankly. Qiaoman pointed out that He Jianfeng had something to do with the company’s accounts. Lin Heping nodded and admitted, wondering when Qiaoman became so smart. Qiaoman was immediately unhappy when he saw this. She said that she was leaving Liping Pavilion anyway, and wished Lin Heping and A Li grow old. Lin Heping was unhappy at first. After get off work, Lin Heping stopped Qiaoman and again retained Qiaoman with the An’s Agreement.

Lin Heping took Qiaoman to the noodle restaurant he often went to to eat noodles. after that. Lin Heping took Qiaoman to chat. Lin Heping tried to inquire about He Jianfeng’s whereabouts from Qiao Man, but Qiao Man evasively avoided the situation. Lin Heping admired Qiaoman’s cleverness.

The next day, Yang Lan came to the company early in the morning. Mo Hui was taken aback when he saw this. Sheep Blue said everything is to win the game. After Mo Hui left, Yang Lan inadvertently discovered that Qiaoman’s USB flash drive was forgotten on the computer, so he secretly took the USB flash drive while no one was around, and then quietly deleted the file in the computer.

Qiaoman was sitting on an outdoor bench and playing with her mobile phone. A Li saw that he pretended to care about Qiaoman and tried to inquire about He Jianfeng’s whereabouts. Qiaoman pretended not to know him. Ali knew Qiaoman was deliberately acting stupid and pointed out that Yang Lan could testify. Qiaoman questioned Why does A Li look for He Jianfeng? Seeing this, A Li knew that Lin Heping hadn’t told Qiaoman, that Lin Heping had always been with him. Qiaoman didn’t want to listen to these gossip things, got up and left.

Zhuo Yang returned to China and went to Liping Pavilion to find Lin Heping the first time. He hoped that Lin Heping would give him Ampere a job. Seeing this, Yang Lan jumped up to oppose it. Lin Heping said his words, ignoring Yang Lan’s strong opposition and agreed.

The game started. Master Susan also rushed in during her busy schedule. Joe Man was long overdue. A Li was a little angry when she saw this. Lin Heping quietly asked why, Qiao Man was surprised that the USB flash drive and the archive were lost for no reason. When A Li saw this, he sneered. Lin Heping reminded Qiaoman that he forgot to stay at home? Qiaoman was confused. A Li ordered Qiaoman to abstain, unwilling to delay Professor Su Shan’s precious time. Lin Heping didn’t want Qiaoman’s months of hard work to end here. Master Su Shan proposed to let Yang Lan explain first, Qiao Man took advantage of this time to go home and look for it.

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