Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 14 Plot

Hansen’s eyes widened, he didn’t want to become so indifferent in the future. Early in the morning, Yan Dong brought his men angrily. Behind the Li Ping Pavilion was supported by Yan Dong. He heard that Li Ping Pavilion had been experiencing frequent conditions recently, so he hurried to inquire.

Dong Yan went to Lin Heping and said his intentions. Lin Heping said that he will certainly not fail Yan Dong’s expectations. Lin Heping and Yan Dong discussed An’s issue. Yan Dong supported Lin Heping and An’s head-to-head, but Lin Heping believed that business should be based on harmony and said that the matter would be resolved. Yan Dong is willing to believe in Lin Heping.

After that, Lin Heping went to Qiaoman. Qiaoman showed Lin Heping the designed anti-counterfeiting logo. Lin Heping felt that the design concept was in line with Li Pingge’s taste, and he appreciated it very much. When A Li took Yang Lan to inspect the work, he saw that Lin Heping and Qiao Man were so casual, and immediately overturned the vinegar jar.

Lin Heping took the electronic version of the anti-counterfeiting mark to let A Li look at it. A Li criticized the work so thoroughly that he proposed a company-wide selection. Qiaoman worked hard for this logo for so long, and Lin Heping felt that this was unfair to Qiaoman.

A Li criticized Qiao Man with the boss’s air, and Lin Heping thought she was avenging her personal revenge. A Li accused Lin Heping of being fascinated by Qiaoman for a long time, and losing his ability to judge, and pointed out that the whole company would vote to make a decision by then.

Lin Heping pointed out that A Li doesn’t like Qiaoman, the whole company is obvious to all, who dares to defy. A Li offered to invite Professor Su Shan to be a judge. Lin Heping was very upset when he saw this. Holding An’s agreement and check in his hand, A Li made a bold move to sue An’s, accusing Lin Heping of being at the mercy of Qiaoman. Lin Heping has promised An’s reluctance to turn back. A Li insisted on selection and identification. Lin Heping is willing to believe in Qiaoman.

A Li came to the pantry and told Yang Lan to inform the company to start the selection process. Yang Lan was a little worried about Lin Heping’s displeasure, and A Li pointed out that he wanted to be angry with Lin Heping and let the people in the company compare Joeman, instead of letting Joeman dominate. She also encouraged Yang Lan to participate in the competition. Yang Lan decided to work hard.

Lin Heping could not persuade A Li, so he had to tell Qiaoman the matter. Qiaoman first came to the company to design the logo, but now he has to be selected by the entire company, which is like being slapped in the face. Qiaoman stopped doing it. She knew that A Li must be secretly engaged in a ghost, and was about to leave the company immediately. Lin Heping knew that A Li’s unyielding character would not easily let An’s off. I hope Qiaoman can remember the original intention of joining the company. Qiaoman remembers that Lin Heping invited himself to design the logo. Lin Heping euphemistically advised Qiaoman to participate and convinced everyone with his strength. Qiao Man left angrily after hearing this.

Hansen brought a box of red wine and wine vouchers to Li Ping Pavilion, and greeted everyone in the name of Joman’s fiance. Seeing this, Qiao Man was so angry that he pulled Hansen away.

Before Li Pingge’s people had awakened, A Li called Lin Heping away. Lin Heping poured a glass of water for A Li. A Li hopes that Lin Heping will see the facts clearly and not be confused by Qiao Man again. Lin Heping pointed out that Hansen was only wishful thinking. A Li advises Lin Heping to see that only she is suitable for Lin Heping. Lin Heping refused in person. A Li’s eyelashes are moisturized.

In the dining room, Qiaoman sat down angrily. Hansen expressed his willingness to let more people know about his relationship with Joe Man, and Joe Man immediately denied it. Hansen’s face changed suddenly.

The atmosphere became heavy, and Hansen carefully stated his intentions today. Qiaoman expressed his understanding but did not support it. Hansen guessed that Joeman must be worried about other people’s gossip. Qiaoman became angry when he heard that the donkey’s lips were wrong, and he hoped that Hansen would not go to the company again. Hansen was very angry and left angrily. Qiaoman has always regarded Hansen as a relative, but now he ruthlessly drove Hansen away, painful and regretful in his heart.

He Jianfeng took Qiao Fang to travel the world. Qiao Fang didn’t expect the first stop to be the place where the two met. The sea of ​​flowers swaying in the fields, the style is pleasant. He Jianfeng and Qiao Fang sighed that the two of them went round and round, but they still came together. Qiao Fang felt that the two had gone through so many detours that they would know how to cherish each other more. He Jianfeng has a deep understanding. Just when the two were enjoying the good time happily, He Jianfeng passed out.

He Jianfeng was admitted to the aggravated ward. Qiao Fang was anxious. The doctor informed her that her condition was endangered. Qiao Fang couldn’t help crying.

Lin Heping went home and found Qiao Man was waiting at the door. Qiao Man apologized to Lin Heping for what happened today. Lin Heping thought that Qiaoman secretly liked him, Qiaoman quickly dismissed it, and Lin Heping would have lost anything. In order to compensate Lin Heping, Qiaoman personally helped Lin Heping cook.

Ann Kailun does not pay for advertising, the company cannot advertise, and even a bottle of Yipin red wine cannot be sold. The employees of the company can’t live on a small salary every month, so they resign collectively. Hansen was mad at seeing this. Upon seeing this, Zhu Fan and Xiaozhi accused An Kailun of Iron Cock. Hansen vowed to improve his wine performance.

Qiao Man finally made Lin Heping a copycat version of egg fried rice, but Lin Heping had difficulty swallowing it. Qiao Fang called Qiao Man in the hospital. Qiaoman hurried away.

Qiao Man came to the hospital, looked at He Jianfeng through the glass, and then asked Qiao Fang about the situation. Qiao Fang cried and said that he would accompany He Jianfeng for the last time. Qiaoman said that she would definitely support her sister and be a strong backing.

A Li went to find Lin Heping, but saw Qiao Man run out of Lin Heping’s house, and immediately overturned the vinegar jar. A Li got angry and went to the bar to get drunk and got drunk. Yang Lan couldn’t move her, so he went to Lin Heping for help.

Lin Heping took A Li away from the bar. On the way, A Li got out of the car and vomited and accidentally saw Qiao Man. She deliberately hugged Lin Heping intimately, and Lin Heping politely hugged him. Qiaoman turned his head and left.

Hansen went to Jorman to deliver breakfast downstairs. Hansen talked about the company’s decadence. Qiaoman couldn’t help but recoil. Hansen was worried about how to sell red wine. Joe Man used his own strategy of selling the house to instruct Hansen. Hansen agreed with him and liked Joe Man even more.

Lin Heping sent A Li home, and A Li was in a mess. Lin Heping was worried that A Li stayed overnight on the sofa. Early in the morning, A Li got up and saw Lin Heping who was still sleeping. His heart was much brighter. When Lin Heping woke up, A Li quickly cared.

Lin Heping hoped that A Li would not misunderstand what she meant. He stayed only worried about her safety and rejected A Li’s feelings in person. A Li was heartbroken and expressed willingness to wait forever.

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