Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 13 Plot

Lin Heping put down the water glass and couldn’t help kissing Qiaoman. Qiao Man was playing a drum in her heart, not knowing what to do. She was not ready to accept Lin Heping, and hurriedly refused to leave.

Qiaoman called Xiaozhi when he left the company. Two good girlfriends meet at home. After Xiaozhi came over, Qiaoman hesitated about Lin Heping’s kiss, and he made a joke. Qiaoman told Hansen so small that he must not tell. Of course I understand. Two people frolicked in the house.

The feelings of Ari in the company towards Lin Heping are obvious to all, and Lin Heping’s behavior today caused a lot of trouble to Qiaoman. Qiaoman hid in the house and did not want to go out. Lin Heping came to Qiaoman’s door and thought silently. He plans to deal with the people and things around him and pursue Qiaoman with all his strength.

Qiao Fang waits for He Jianfeng to come home on the sofa every day. That day, when He Jianfeng returned home, he found Qiao Fang asleep on the sofa, so he took off his coat and helped Qiao Fang cover it. After Qiao Fang woke up, he accidentally found a medical record of He Jianfeng from his coat.

After Qiao Fang saw it, he came to He Jianfeng in a panic. He Jianfeng said that he had frostbite, and there were not many days left. Qiao Fang couldn’t believe it, and clamored to accompany He Jianfeng to check again. He Jianfeng said that it was the diagnosis of the second hospital. Qiao Fang’s tears flowed, and He Jianfeng regretted that he did not try his best to prevent Qiao Fang from going abroad and wasted so much good time between them. Qiao Fang cried bitterly when he hugged He Jianfeng.

Hansen was worried that Joe Man lived next door to Lin Heping, and came to see Joe Man again. Qiaoman’s attitude towards Hansen was also family and friend. Hansen was extremely unsafe. He could not see any man approaching Qiaoman.

Qiaoman was absent from work and hid in the restaurant to drink. As soon as Hansen came in, he drove away the boy who had tabled tea with Joe Man. Joe Man was very angry when he saw this. Hansen was very annoyed and kept asking Qiaoman why he wanted to be a neighbor with Lin Heping. Qiaoman made an explanation, and Hansen was dubious. Joe Man thought that Hansen was deliberately looking for something. Hansen played boyishly.

The next day, Joe Man went to work. Yang Lan is waiting for her. It turned out that Qiaoman was absent from work yesterday for no reason, and Lin Heping helped Qiaoman ask for leave from the company. A Li was dissatisfied when she learned about it.

Qiao Man went to see A Li. A Li became jealous and mocked. Qiaoman smiled. A Li asked about Qiaoman’s work process, Qiaoman took out his own hand-drawn propaganda blueprint, A Li was surprised when he saw it. She didn’t expect Qiaoman to have real skills in her stomach. So, she insisted on asking Qiaoman to draw her a sketch. Qiaoman had an idea for an abstract cartoon. A Li was very angry when he saw this, but Qiao Man disagreed. A Li left angrily.

Yang Lan saw the cartoon and criticized Qiao Man for not understanding A Li. Qiaoman didn’t understand. Yang Lan pointed out that Alibi Lin Heping was two years older, and he was jealous of Lin Heping’s meticulous treatment of Qiaoman, so she felt insecure.

So Qiaoman drew another sketch for A Li and attached a love note. Lin Heping went to see A Li and saw the pictures and sticky notes on the table. He judged that A Li was deliberately embarrassing Qiao Man again, so he called Qiao Man.

Qiaoman understands A Li and hopes that Lin Heping can take A Li’s feelings seriously. Lin Heping quickly explained, but Qiao Man felt that he was not suitable for Lin Heping and proposed that the two be ordinary friends. Qiaoman now really understands why A Li insisted on prosecuting An’s, and Lin Heping promised to persuade the directors to withdraw the lawsuit. Qiaoman hopes to forget about the embarrassment between the two and hopes to return to the past. Lin Heping hoped that the two would have more intersections. Joe Man was silent.

Li Pingge has formally filed a lawsuit, An Kailun is worried, and angry that Lin Heping backtracks. Hansen was indignant. An Kailun saw the matter now, and ordered Hansen to inform Basel to enter the cultural industry. Zhu Fan was too happy to hear it. An Kailun decided to meet Li Pingge at first sight. However, the private agreement and huge cheques are strong evidence that An’s admission of infringement, and Ann Kailun urged Hansen to find Joeman to find a way.

Hansen waited at the tea restaurant, and Joe Man came over. Hansen accused Lin Heping of turning back. Qiao Man pointed out that Li Pingge is not Lin Heping alone. She often sees Lin Heping to help An’s speak nice things at company meetings. Hearing what Hansen said, she felt that it was unfair to Lin Heping. Hansen thinks that Joe Man is too naive to trust people. Qiaoman was very guilty for failing Ann Karen.

Hansen disagrees and hopes Joe Man will help him again. Qiaoman has tried his best and doesn’t know what else to do. Then, Hansen talked about An’s plan to enter the cultural industry, and Qiaoman accused An’s of being sinister and vicious. Hansen said that intrigue has always been the essence of business.

Hansen said that he had sought a private settlement with Lin Heping, and hoped that Qiaoman could help him get the check and agreement from Lin Heping. Qiao Man immediately slapped his hair. Upon seeing this, Hansen played the emotional card again. Qiaoman felt very complicated when he heard it.

Hansen never felt relieved when he returned home. Just so small as to send documents. Hansen stopped her, and she had to work overtime as soon as she heard it, and she was stunned immediately. Count Hansen’s unfair treatment one by one. Hansen suddenly came up with an idea. He demanded as little as persuading Qiaoman to implement overtime pay. Xiaozhi immediately sat down and accused Hansen of putting pressure on Joeman and so on. Hansen listened like a divine initiation.

Night fell. Joe Man stayed outdoors and refused to go upstairs. Lin Heping came down to talk to Qiaoman. Qiaoman hopes that Lin Heping will sign the An’s agreement as soon as possible so that it is reassuring. When Lin Heping heard it, he knew that An’s had come to Qiao Man again. Qiao Man was surprised that Lin Heping had such a strong reaction ability. Lin Heping had not been a fool in the mall these years. Qiao Man went upstairs as soon as he sounded big.

Joe Man went home to catch up on the novel. Hansen is an activist, holding a large bouquet of roses at the door at night. Qiaoman was startled when he saw this. Hansen apologized to Joe Man when they met. Qiaoman disagrees.

Hansen begged Qiaoman to move out of here quickly. Qiaoman pointed out that it was An Kailun who advised him to join Li Pingge, but now Lin Heping has agreed to reconciliation and is unwilling to betray Lin Heping’s trust. Hansen babbled a lot, and Joe Man drove him out when he saw it.

In the night, Qiaoman entered the ethereal world again and saw the girl who looked exactly like him. Qiaoman wanted to ask, but the girl refused to say anything and left. Qiaoman hurried to chase, but was turned away by the door of time and space.

When A Li went to work, he saw the sketches and notes on the table, and felt that Qiaoman was crying at the cat and the mouse fake compassion. She judged that Qiao Man was a nail that An’s inserted in Liping Pavilion.

Lin Heping came to A Li to discuss the signing of the An’s settlement agreement. A Li thinks Lin Heping is deliberately embarrassing herself. Lin Heping thinks that A Li is biased against Qiaoman, but A Li thinks that Lin Heping has been fascinated by Qiaoman. Lin Heping accused A Li of being unreasonable and left angrily. But he will stick to his original intention and will not let A Li stop him.

Hansen returned to the company, Ann Kailun was waiting on the sofa. Ann Kailun asked about the progress of the matter, and Hansen said that Joman had already begun to act. Hansen wanted Ann Karen to borrow money, hoping to rent a house to Qiaoman outside, away from Lin Heping. Ann Kailun disagreed, but thought it was a good thing. Hansen listened to accuse Ann Karen of cold-blooded animals, and asked him why he used Joeman. An Kailun disagrees, thinking that everyone is worth taking advantage of in the face of business interests.

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