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Shadow Follower

Shadow Follower
Other names: 影子跟班
Author:  Li Sun
Genre: Novel, Romantic Novels
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


She Hua Qiaohui is a first-class pattern maker, and the appointment letter of Parisian fashion leader Raphael is waiting for her. Can you see what she is doing in Taiwan now? Take care of a naive big man?
That’s right, Wei Jingyao was too naive, because of a major car accident!

When he was a child, he was a haughty and noble young master, she was the daughter of a humble driver.
When the young master opened a party, she could only secretly have a crush on the dinner plate…
Now they are all grown up, the master and his wife emigrated to Switzerland Go, her father no longer works as a driver for his family. She has also become an avant-garde fashion man in Paris. Wei Jingyao, who has made a successful business in Taiwan’s technology circle, has lost his memory because of a car accident. Like a child,she must hug her and say that she loves her at all times, and sleep with her at night.

During the day , she has to follow him wherever he goes. It’s like a loyal dog and you can see him when you look back at any time! On this day, she went to the designer’s studio to pick up the extravaganza. A fire suddenly ignited. In the chaos, he took the lead to escape by holding her hand tightly. At this moment, she loves this intersection.
Between them, who is who’s shadow, I can’t tell who is who’s follower…


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