Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 12 Plot

Hansen didn’t want Qiaoman to be in contact with Lin Heping, so he brought the check and agreement to Lin Heping. He said that Lin Heping said that he was looking for Qiaoman’s face before accepting the check. Hansen believes that the two have not yet ended their struggle with Joman.

In the night, Brother Duo tried his best to sneak into Ben’s home and stole Bianhua’s diary without any effort. Brother Duo buried the diary under a big tree at night and made a mark.

Lin Heping gave An’s compensation and agreement to A Li, and A Li questioned that Lin Heping would let An’s go like this. Lin Heping hoped that A Li would be forgiving and forgiving, but A Li accused Lin Heping of doing it for Qiaoman. Lin Heping disagrees. The two of them broke up with a few words.

Xiaozhi moved to Joe Man’s residence. She was ordered to bring Joman to Ann Kailun. Ann Kailun thanked Joe Man in an official tone. Qiaoman talked about working in Lipingge temporarily, and Ann Kailun expressed his understanding and invited Qiaoman to eat together. Qiaoman was busy at work and politely refused.

After that, Hansen will chat with Joe Man alone. Ann Kailun took Xiaozhi away. Hansen was very angry when he learned that Lin Heping and Qiaoman were neighbors, and hoped Qiaoman would return to Barcelona immediately. Qiaoman hoped that Hansen would not be childish, pointing out that he could not break his promise, Lin Heping. Hansen thinks Qiaoman is an excuse, Qiaoman thinks Hansen is unreasonable, and the two of them broke up.

Brother Duo was encouraged by Amao, and the two surrendered together. The police recovered all the paintings based on clues, except that the Diary of Higan Flower was not seen. Brother Duo offered to meet alone, and Lin Heping came to the police station. Lin Heping was surprised to find out that it was the community security guard Duo. Brother Duo admitted his mistake, and Lin Heping asked about the whereabouts of Bianhua’s diary. Knowing that he could not see the sky again, Brother Duo asked Lin Heping to take care of his mother. Lin Heping immediately agreed upon seeing this.

Lin Heping moved back home one by one. Qiaoman came over and saw it, and was taken aback. Lin Heping told the story and introduced another painting by Professor Su Shan, which was full of praise. Professor Su Shan originally made paintings for Lin Heping’s Barcelona painting exhibition. How could he have thought that Lin Heping rejected Professor Su for the sake of Bi Anhua? Lin Heping knew that he was wrong and was embarrassed to see Professor Su. Seeing that Professor Su Shan is so good, Qiao Man proposed to let Professor Su Shan come forward to help. Lin Heping was worried that Professor Su Shan was still angry, Qiao Man decided to visit Professor Su Shan with Lin Heping tomorrow.

It turned out that Professor Su Shan was the teacher who criticized Lin Heping for fighting in the university. Lin Heping took Qiao Man into Professor Su’s studio, and Professor Su couldn’t help teasing. Lin Heping took the initiative to admit his mistakes, and Qiaoman helped. Professor Su was shocked when he saw Qiao Man thinking that Nan Sheng was resurrected. Lin Heping introduced Qiao Man to Professor Su. Professor Su talked witty, Qiao Man was clever and well-behaved, and the three of them chatted enthusiastically. Lin Heping hoped that Professor Su could help. Professor Su had a hateful temper, so he hesitated and agreed.

Qiaoman showed his diary to this book, and I admired it very much. He suggested that Qiaoman wrote the script and he could be responsible for publishing it. Qiaoman thought this was a mystery, and he used 50,000 euros as a guarantee.

Zhang Fan was released and never dared to go home. Hansen took him to see Ann Kailun. Ann Kailun scolded mercilessly when they met. Hansen stood in the middle and watched the show. Upon seeing this, Zhang Fan immediately rebelled, pointing out that An Kailun relied on her sister to have what she is today, and An Kailun immediately wanted to start with Zhang Fan. Hansen quickly persuaded him to fight.

A Li hadn’t seen Lin Heping for a few days, so he went to Yang Lan and asked. Yanglan faltered and said that Heping had been with Qiaoman recently. A Li immediately overturned the vinegar jar and ordered Yang Lan to convene a meeting of directors. She proposed to use An’s reputation to increase Li Ping Pavilion’s reputation. Director Yan and others have always agreed upon seeing this.

Hansen was dissatisfied with Zhang Fan’s confrontation with his elder brother, so he took Zhu Fan to the wine cellar to teach. Zhu Fan had long been tired of An Kailun’s behavior and was very unconvinced. Hansen hoped that Zhu Fan would be able to understand the difficulty of his eldest brother, but Zhu Fan disagreed. Hansen was immediately angry and roared. Zhu Fan was dumbfounded when he saw this. Hansen took out a bottle of red wine to describe his feelings for Joeman. Although the words were not expressive, his love for Joeman was really true.

An’s received the lawyer’s letter soon, and An Kailun was very angry when he saw it. He sent someone to Lin Heping to negotiate. Lin Heping was still in the dark, and An Kailun and Hansen felt that Lin Heping was pretending to be confused, and immediately sneered. Hansen joked and threatened Lin Heping. Lin Heping came today with a problem-solving attitude, without fear. Hansen said he would meet Li Pingge’s challenge at all costs. Lin Heping hoped that An Kailun would give herself some time to solve the problem. At this time, Zhu Fan came in, and An Kailun pointed at Sang Huai.

Lin Heping returned to the company and went straight to find A Li. He accused A Li of being narrow-minded, and hoped that A Li would consider the issue from the perspective of the company’s long-term development, and judge that a see-saw lawsuit would only harm Li Pingge. However, A Li thinks that Lin Heping has long been obsessed with Qiaoman, relying on his identity as the company’s boss to make a strong point. When Lin Heping saw this, he didn’t mind parting ways.

Hansen taught Zhu Fan a lesson, and then returned to the living room to wait. An Kailun came with the company’s performance, and the company’s performance negatively increased. An Kailun yelled at Zhu Fan. Zhu Fan was not convinced. An Kailun was speechless with anger. Afterwards, Ann Kailun asked about the wine business, and Hansen said he was still exploring. An Kailun encouraged Hansen to work hard and severely insulted Zhu Fan.

Li Pingge sued An’s. Lin Heping felt guilty, and he specially ordered a bunch of spicy flavors to compensate Qiaoman. Qiaoman expressed his understanding and Lin Heping promised to resolve the matter. After the two ate together, Lin Heping was not good at eating spicy food and was choked frequently. Qiaoman accompanied him understandingly. Lin Heping suddenly found that he had fallen in love with Joe Man hopelessly.

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