Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 11 Plot

Hansen refused to leave. Lin Heping was not afraid to threaten Hansen with Zhang Fan. Hansen left angrily. The swimming pool was sparkling, and A Li jumped in in a swimsuit. Since Nan Sheng died, A Li has learned to swim. She is often guilty for failing to save Nan Sheng, and she will not let Lin Heping know the real cause of Nan Sheng’s death. But she saw that Lin Heping had a lot of affection for Qiaoman, and secretly decided to let Lin Heping turn her face on Qiaoman.

Early in the morning, Qiaoman brought a lot of delicious breakfasts. The colleagues had a good time eating, drinking, and chatting. My colleague Xiao Zhang couldn’t help but gossiping about Qiaoman and Lin Heping. It happened to be seen by A Li. A Li aggressively wants Xiao Zhang to leave, Qiao Man speaks for Xiao Zhang, and A Li insists on driving away Xiao Zhang with a stern face. Upon seeing this, Xiao Zhang had to remove the sign and leave. Qiaoman wanted to stop, but was stopped by several colleagues.

Hansen really regarded Xiaozhi as a small follower, and even directed Xiaozhi to send flowers to Qiaoman. Xiao Zhi met in Qiaoman’s coffee shop, complained to Qiaoman face to face and gave Huaru an appointment to Qiaoman. Qiaoman heard that Hansen had sent it, so he was very disgusted, and refused. Seeing this, he quickly interceded. Seeing this, Qiao Man couldn’t bear to refuse.

As soon as Lin Heping entered the company, Mo Hui reported on the breakfast. Lin Heping went straight to find A Li to find out about the situation. A Li’s stomach was full of sourness. Lin Heping pointed out that A Li’s personality had changed a lot. Lin Heping hoped that A Li could distinguish between public and private.

Back to Yipin, Hansen asked about the flower delivery. Hansen lost his temper when he heard that he was waiting for Joe Man to come out downstairs. Xiaozhi pointed out that Hansen was announcing Joe Man’s identity to everyone, and Hansen immediately admitted that Xiaozhi was aggrieved and refused to be maliciously directed by Hansen.

Lin Heping went to Qiaoman to explain. Qiao Man knew that A Li was killing a chicken to show the monkey, and wanted to leave here. Lin Heping is advising Qiaoman. A Li appeared and took the initiative to apologize to Qiao Man, saying that Xiao Zhang had been retained. Upon seeing this, Lin Heping immediately retained Qiaoman, Qiaoman saw that he had misunderstood A Li, so he stopped insisting.

In the evening, Qiaoman met Hansen in an ambush halfway after get off work. Joe Man couldn’t help screaming. Hansen grinned and took out his sunglasses to bring Joeman to him, to take him to a romance. Lin Heping saw this scene, and Lin Heping couldn’t help but feel sorry for Qiaoman.

Yang Lan heard that Ali left Qiaoman, and she apologized to Qiaoman. She couldn’t help but ran to ask Ali. Ali explained and said that he wanted to repair the plank road in secret. Sheep Blue was absolutely speechless.

It turned out that Hansen learned how to use chopsticks and specially prepared a large table of dishes to celebrate. He was very concerned that Qiaoman had not confessed to Li Pingge, but Qiaoman disagreed. Hansen considered himself Qiaoman’s fiancé and was very domineering. Qiaoman didn’t care, and soon began to frolic.

Yang Lan went to give A Li cake, and A Li was taken aback. Yang Lan said that this was a birthday cake ordered by A Li to help Lin Heping, and then A Li suddenly realized. So he hurriedly changed his delicate clothes to find Lin Heping, only to find that the door of Lin Heping’s house was locked.

In fact, Lin Heping took Qiaoman for a run. The two chatted a few words and came to a beautiful night scene. Lin Heping liked this place very much. He would come here to relax every time he had something in his mind. Looking at the lights of thousands of households from here, Lin Heping would think that every family has difficult sutras, and he would cheer himself up. Joe Man agrees very much.

Lin Heping talked about how A Li took him to start a business together. Qiao Man joked that he had misunderstood that Lin Heping was a soft food man. Lin Heping raised his hand to frighten, and Qiao Man hurriedly avoided. Qiao Man longed that he could leave a story in this city, and Lin Heping readily agreed. Qiao Man smiled sweetly.

Lin Heping couldn’t help being in a daze when he saw this, and immediately remembered the first time he had quarreled with Nan Sheng. Lin Heping’s spirit wandered between Nan Sheng and Qiao Man. He knew that the more he couldn’t distinguish, the more he hurt. He didn’t know whether to tell Qiao Man about Nan Sheng, in his heart no one could replace Nan Sheng.

When Nan Sheng was admitted to university, Lin’s mother was so happy. Xu Zhensheng was admitted to university with the help of her sister A Li. The three people celebrated with a drink. Lin Heping was very happy for Qiaoman.

Lin Heping sent Qiaoman to school and ran into Luo Chen. Luo Chen accidentally took Qiaoman in with a camera. Lin Heping was very dissatisfied, and the two immediately quarreled. Also alarmed the school teachers. The teacher banned Lin Heping from re-entering the campus, and Qiao Man hurriedly interceded. The teacher reluctantly agreed.

Boss Chen came to pester A Li again, and A Li was overwhelmed and quarreled with Boss Chen in the street. Lin Heping accidentally saw the injustice stepped forward, but was taken into the police station by the police. Lin Heping had to call Nansheng. When Nan Sheng learned what had happened, he blamed A Li for causing Lin Heping. A Li deliberately took Lin Heping’s arm to demonstrate. Thanks to Lin Heping for his help, Lin Heping became a peacemaker when he saw this.

After that, Nan Sheng blamed Lin Heping for not being motivated, and Lin Heping couldn’t help but argue. Nan Sheng immediately became angry. Upon seeing this, Lin Heping took the initiative to show weakness. Nan Sheng forgave Lin Heping.

Lin Heping was full of sorrows. Qiaoman was taken aback when he saw this. Lin Heping said that the hurt was because of his sister’s death, and Qiao Man immediately became interested. Lin Heping had no intention to tell.

Lin Heping and Qiao Man returned home together. Just when he ran into A Li, Qiao Man went straight home. A Li was taken aback. Lin Heping said that Qiaoman was the right neighbor. A Li laughed at herself when she heard it, and immediately threw the cake to Lin Heping and left.

For Yipin, Ann Kailun filled out a check for 5 million and asked Hansen to give it to Lin Heping through Joeman. As soon as Hansen stopped listening, he was not willing to let Qiaoman come into contact with Lin Heping again and again. An Kailun immediately learned a lesson, blaming Hansen for his stalking and stalking methods that would not catch up to girls. heart. Hansen heard the check and left.

An Kailun invited Lin to get together in peace. An Kailun was modest and polite, and Lin Heping agreed without refuting the face. And here, A Li told Yang Lan to start the work of prosecuting An’s. Yang Lan was worried that Lin Heping would not agree, and A Li decided to go without Lin Heping.

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