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The Strongest Military Marriage: Chief, please favor!

The Strongest Military Marriage: Chief, please favor!
Other names: 最强军婚:首长,求轻宠!, The strongest military marriage: Chief, please light pet!
Author: Little Miao
Genre: Novel, Mystery, Magic
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


At the order of Zhan Qing, the stepson of the war family, Qin Wei, was forcibly taken to the barracks to practice hard. During the day, you should wrap your chest strap to prevent you from being discovered that she is disguised as a man. At night, after taking off her clothes to guard against Jiu Shu Zhanqing, she found her growing belly. “Uncle Jiu, I was wrong…” Qin quietly cried and begged for mercy. “What’s wrong?” Zhan Qing put Qin quietly on his shoulders and threw into the car angrily. “You shouldn’t pretend to be a woman dressed as a man to lie to you…”

“Baby, you stole my man by mistake and messed up my military’s mind, and you dare to run away with my son!” Everyone knows that Zhan Qing spoiled Qin quietly to the point of abnormality. Someone asked him that he was not dissatisfied with Qin Qi at all. He said that his only dissatisfaction was, “I have poor physical fitness, and I feel tired as soon as I do exercise…” Everyone said that the five-year-old Zhan Candy looks like his mother, but he said with a dark belly, “I look like a father, especially. ..


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