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Looking at Depraved Women

Looking at Depraved Women
Other names: 看衰带煞女
Author: Liu Zhiwei
Genre: Romance Novels
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Fire, fired, you don’t use it anymore!
Although she is accustomed to decay, she can’t decay so unreasonably.
Obviously, this defiant handsome guy has the final say. He
treats her as a parking girl and lets her practice reversing into the warehouse, causing the
car to be destroyed and others to run away from him. Whoever got it; it
was her frieze. She did not visit the pier on a business trip, and
caused people to lose money and make money to destroy her. She
didn’t have a way to go. She also caused the boss’s business to be a shit.
Soon after, she happened to be a witness in the floating corpse pool.
Woo-she didn’t kill people!
Regardless, he kissed her, touched and touched her, we
must help her innocence……


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