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Great Expert Ninja Recruiter

Great Expert Ninja Recruiter
Other names: 忍者招募大师, Ninja Recruitment Master
Author:  24 Karats Handsome Crow
Genre: Novel, Erciyuan, Fan-Fiction, Two-dimensional
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Bring the recruiting system through the Naruto Brother, collect ninja fragments to recruit ninjas, and achieve the strongest brother control in the ninja world!

Crossing Naruto became Naruto’s eldest brother. As a crosser who “has a brother and a house, but both parents die”, Zhang Miao feels overwhelmed. Fortunately, he has a ninja recruitment system! You can get the opponent’s ninja fragments by defeating the opponent or gaining the opponent’s approval. As long as you collect all the fragments corresponding to the ninja, you can recruit ninjas, whether ordinary ninjas or elite ninjas, and even the famous blood-successors can be recruited. ! More importantly, recruiting ninjas can also get the opponent’s ninjutsu and blood limit! So the question is, is it the blood of Uchiha’s Sharonyan or the ramen blood of the players?


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