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The Little Chef of the Emperor Merchant

The Little Chef of the Emperor Merchant
Other names: 皇商的小厨娘
Author: Jian Xun
Genre: Novel, Romance Novels
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


After Jiang Jishi closed the stall that day, he headed to Qin’s house with a wave of anger. Originally, he only wanted the concierge to pass a message, but Qin Xiangsheng did not expect Qin Xiangsheng to see her. Maybe it was Zhu Zijin that really hit him that day, and Qin Xiangsheng’s attitude towards her was okay. Qin Xiangsheng admitted that he let it out, and it’s nothing. It’s just that Zhu Zijin was upset and wanted to make trouble with him-the son of an emperor merchant, if he likes the old lady in the small cafeteria, the Zhu family will not be earth-shaking, Mrs. Zhu Will clamor for him to marry his niece Zheng Liuer, and Mrs. Zhu will ask him to marry his grand niece Qi Xiang…

Her frail bamboo-horse steamed buns, ten years later, turned into a domineering emperor merchant, going to eat her cooking every day, even trying to eat her? !

Jiang Jishi didn’t expect that the God of Wealth in his cafeteria was the little bamboo horse “baozi”
who had been separated for ten years. As a royal merchant, he came to eat early every day and never recognized her. He must have forgotten himself early, but she did not find him at all. The scheming to bring each other closer- send her the secret recipe of pickled fruit, and introduce her to a high-level customer.
Her canteen was set on fire and was eaten by someone. He took the initiative to lead her to the county magistrate as a patron It was

rumored in Beijing that he was pursuing her, and he sat down on rumors that he wanted to marry her as his wife. Not only did she get rid of her greedy family, but even his wise mother agreed with this relative and
watched him take out the red rope ten years ago. The bracelet was a token, she later realized that she had been locked up long ago…


Chapter 1 (Imperial Merchant’s Little Chef)
Chapter 2 (Imperial Merchant’s Little Chef)
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