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The strongest god Sasuke-kun

The strongest god Sasuke-kun
Other names: 最强式神佐助君
Author:  Tea Ship
Genre: Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


The strongest god Sasuke-kun – 5t5 x Sasuke What can I do if I accidentally get myself into another world in the final battle? When Sasuke opened his eyes, he thought he had hallucinations, or else Kakashi had finally become insane, otherwise how could he see a silver-haired weirdo with the lower half of his face exposed but both eyes covered. A certain strongest conjurer:? Sasuke: For the kind of diehards, you just need to beat them up. 5T5: …not so much, I just want to be a teacher.

Formerly known as [How to feed your Uchiha]: First of all, you have to pick up a Uchiha when there is no one. Then, you have to approach him patiently and let him get used to your presence. Accept his squeamish habits and awkward character with a good temper. In the end, you’d better be invincible, so that Uchiha can trust himself to you. 5T5: As expected of me. [Notes]: 1. Private setting is like a mountain, the characters are out of shape, a bunch of bugs, the narrative perspective jumps back and forth, smelly and long.

2. Sasuke travels through the time point is the final battle, and the fifteen chapters of the hand are restored. The curse back timeline starts from the prequel. 3. The third chapter has a plot of magic change, don’t read it if you mind. You can skip the first five chapters if you don’t want to read them. 4. Remind again that there is a gap between the character image and the original work. I stream Sasuke, I stream 5t5.

5. If the plot cannot be evaded, it will still happen. I will try my best to explain the reasons clearly. Welcome to discuss reasonably, and decline writing guidance. 6. The content after Chapter 137 of the comic has nothing to do with this article. This novel network provides the latest chapters of the strongest god Sasuke in the works of the tea ship, the full text of the strongest god Sasuke is free to read, and the strongest god Sasuke has a refreshing reading experience without pop-up windows!


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