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The president’s canary was changed again today

The president’s canary was changed again today
Other names: 总裁的金丝雀今天又换人设了
Author:  Xiao Transparent Yin Xia
Genre: Novel, romance
Release: Unknown
Status: 128


[Ancient and weird model worker Canary vs. Tsundere president who is cold on the surface but has a lot of inner drama] Zhou Fangyi has never understood why the canary hostess in the president’s text always has a emotional drama with the president. . “Isn’t it good to work a canary on the spot?!” Strong woman mother: It’s better to rely on men than on yourself. You have to work hard to crush all men.

Zhou Fangyi: The sound of salted fish. Fu, who was forced to go on a blind date, sat at the dining table in recent years, and the melodious violin beside his ears could not resolve his impatience. “Hello, I’m here to apply.” The sudden female voice broke the romantic filter and pulled the restaurant into the job hunting scene by herself. “?” After confirming the eyes, they are all thoughtful people. “The contract lasts for two years, and the cooperation is happy.”

“The cooperation is happy.” [Zhou Fangyi] Commonly known as the three fires for new officials to take office, new employees are also full of motivation. The gentle canary person’s setting, the talented person’s setting, the queen’s setting, the sweet girl’s setting, the green tea setting… Zhou Fangyi: I have everything you want! [Fu Jinnian] It is a good thing for employees to work hard, but hard work in strange directions is a headache.

The last second, “My husband will go home early.” The next second, “What do you mean by saying good morning to me? Why don’t you say good morning and good night? Are they not standing tall enough?” The tortured Fu Jinnian: Cancel the contract! I want to cancel the contract! But when the contract was terminated, he suddenly realized that he couldn’t do without this strange little girl? Bad, it’s the feeling of heartbeat.


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