Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 9 Plot

Nan Sheng wrote the letter of guarantee obediently. To reward Nan Sheng, Lin Heping took her to his secret place. Lin Heping often comes here to vent his feelings and has never brought anyone here. There is plenty of sunshine and the water is sparkling, it is a good place to relax and refresh. Lin Heping asked Nan Sheng to close his eyes to feel the care of Nan’s father. Nan Sheng was grateful and silently decided to stay with Lin Heping forever. Lin Heping also silently made a wish.

Director Zhao reported private revenge and deducted Mama Lin’s bonus. Mama Lin approached him to reason, but Director Zhao made strong arguments. Nan Sheng ran home and told Lin Heping the matter. Lin Heping rushed over immediately.

Mother Lin was about to start with Director Zhao, but Lin Heping quickly stopped. Mother Lin said what happened. Lin Heping heard that Director Zhao had picked up Nan Sheng’s idea, and immediately grabbed Director Zhao and asked, how could Director Zhao dare to admit this. Upon seeing this, Lin’s mother hurriedly dissuaded her. Lin Heping fiercely intimidated Director Zhao. He looked like the pillar of the family and called his mother and Nan Sheng. And Nan Sheng’s heart became more and more dependent on Lin Heping.

In the company, the board of directors has begun to attack A Li. The company’s listing is imminent, but the unbalanced accounting cannot be passed. A Li worried that Accounting He would affect the company’s progress, and told Yang Lan to find the flaws in Accounting He as soon as possible.

Yang Lan went to A Li to reimburse the public expenses of the business trip to Barcelona. A Li accidentally discovered that there were many unexplained expenses in it. Yang Lan told Lin Heping and Qiaoman when he saw it. A Li was taken aback.

Basai, Zhuo Yang went to apologize to Xiaozhi, but Xiaozhi refused. Zhuo Yang hoped that Xiaozhi could give him a chance for the sake of being together. Xiao Zhi completely saw Zhuo Yang through Yang Lan, and immediately turned Zhuo Yang away.

Xiaozhi went back upstairs and threw all the gifts that Zhuo Yang had given downstairs. Zhuo Yang was in a hurry, begging and begging, Xiaozhi cried and broke up with Zhuo Yang.

Lin Heping wants to withdraw the lawsuit on behalf of the company. After learning about it, A Li went to question Lin Heping, saying that the board of directors would not agree. Lin Heping pointed out that An Kailun had helped himself. A Li hoped that Lin Heping would seriously consider Li Pingge’s loss. Lin Heping pointed out that An Kailun had promised compensation, but A Li hoped to take this opportunity to suppress the An’s culture. Lin Heping accuses A Li of being paranoid, but A Li thinks that Lin Heping’s elbow is turned away, and even more questioning why Lin Heping, who has always been decisive, has become an indecisive person? The two broke up unhappy.

At Yipin Company, Zhu Fan was taken away by the police. There was a lot of discussion in the company. When Hansen learned of this, he quickly called his eldest brother. Ann Kailun was puzzled, and asked about Joeman. Hansen was very annoyed when he heard it, and accused Ann Karen of taking advantage of Joman without regard to his own feelings. Ann Kailun advised Hansen to be too naive, but Hansen refused to agree.

Qiaoman went to be a gunman again. Qiao Man sneered at the old-fashioned part of Ben’s story. Ben disagrees, Qiaoman thinks it is not as interesting as his own diary. Ben had to finish the chapter before he left, leaving him alone to conquer the text.

Hansen called Joe Man to invite him to meet. Qiaoman quickly lied that he had just got off the plane. Hansen ignored the details and wanted to meet with Joe Man immediately. In the restaurant, Hansen blamed Qiaoman for not notifying him when he returned home. Qiaoman argued for reasons and hoped that Hansen would understand his situation. Hansen accused Qiaoman of making excuses to see Lin Heping and said that he would personally negotiate with Lin Heping. Joe Man thought that Hansen was childish.

Later, when Qiaoman left, he accidentally found an advertisement for an art exhibition in Shenzhen. He immediately had an idea and sent a message to Lin Heping in person. Hansen immediately became jealous when he saw this. Joe Man left happily.

In the restaurant, Qiaoman begged Lin Heping to let Zhu Fan go as soon as they met. Lin Heping pointed out that it is not necessary to prosecute An’s, but Zhu Fan’s behavior cannot be condoned. Qiao Man quickly interceded Zhu Fan, hoping to forgive Zhu Fan for a chance. Qiao Man took out the promotional page of the Shenzhen Arts Festival and suggested that Li Pingge participate in the competition, which can take the opportunity to expand his reputation. It is also proposed that Li Pingge should design anti-counterfeiting signs, so as to increase the safety factor. When Lin Heping heard that it made sense, he immediately invited Qiao Man to the company to help design the anti-counterfeiting logo. Qiaoman is not a professional painter, how dare to deal with these. Lin Heping took the opportunity to use Zhu Fan to talk about things. Qiaoman had no choice but to agree.

Hansen went to eat hot pot, but could not use chopsticks. Hansen asked Qiaoman for advice, and Qiaoman brought Hansen a big pot of beans for exercise. Hansen asked about Zhu Fan, Qiao Man said that Lin Heping had agreed to solve it. Hansen immediately ordered Qiaoman to contact Lin Heping for the last time. Qiaoman disagreed, and pulled Hansen to exercise.

Yang Lan followed Accounting He and was discovered. Accounting He knew that this was instructed by A Li. He asked Lin Heping if he knew about the deficit. Yang Lan said that A Li had done everything without Lin Heping. Accountant He told Yang Lan to tell A Li to resolve the book issue as soon as possible, otherwise he would definitely tell the company’s directors, otherwise Lin Heping would also be involved.

Seeing that Accountant He had seen through his plan, Ali used the trick of adjusting the tiger away from the mountain. On the one hand, he sent someone to Accountant He who wanted to buy it heavily. On the one hand, she quietly sent Sheep Lan to enter He’s house and stole He Accounting’s seal.

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