Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 8 Plot

Lin Heping called the police. A Li comforted Lin Heping. The paintings in the secret room have been insured. Lin Heping could only see the Bianhua diary in his eyes. Seeing this, A Li accused Lin Heping of living in the past years and left angrily.

Lin Heping felt that the notebook was worthless, and worried that the thief would throw it away. So, they wore gloves and rummaged around the trash can in the community. Brother Duo is the security staff of the community, and immediately pretended to care about the situation. Lin Heping said the importance of the notebook. Brother Duo pretended to help, but he had already planned in his heart.

Yang Lan investigated Gao Fang, and all the pirated copies came from a subsidiary company of Ann Kailun. Lin Heping remembered that Mrs. An had illegally photographed in the exhibition, and immediately decided to negotiate.

In addition to reselling old books, Ben is also an amateur novelist. Qiaoman asked for debt collection again. Ben was exhausted and admired. It turned out that I broke my arm when I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and I couldn’t pay back. Qiaoman is not forgiving. Ben said that he could pay fifty thousand euros as long as he finished writing the novel. Qiaoman volunteered to work for fifty thousand euros. Book a deal.

Lin Heping took the Yang Lan to the An’s Yipin Red Wine Company, and happened to ran into Zhu Fan again using fakes to deceive customers, and Yang Lan immediately stirred him up. Zhu Fan was very angry and wanted to call the police. Lin Heping pointed out that An’s pirated Li Pingge. Upon seeing this, Zhu Fan disapproved and proposed to use money to buy the matter. Yang Lan accused the incident of causing Li Pingge’s troubles and losses. Zhu Fan did not apologize at all when he saw this. Lin Heping immediately decided to sue An’s.

The two sides were in a dispute, and Hansen came in. He discovered that the person here turned out to be Lin Heping, and immediately made a face. Hearing that Lin Heping was about to sue An’s, Hansen’s new hatred and old hatred were counted together and immediately threatened Lin Heping. Lin Heping accepted the move without fear.

After Lin Heping left, Hansen questioned Zhu Fan. Zhu Fan said that he was bewitched by others in order to raise funds to make a movie. Now that this is happening, Hansen had to ask his eldest brother for advice. Zhu Fan knew that An Kailun was an iron cock, so he didn’t dare to call.

Hansen called the eldest brother and said the matter euphemistically. Ann Kailun became furious when she heard it. Zhu Fan was surprised and scared when he heard it, so he quickly asked Hansen to intercede. Hansen persuaded each other, saying that the other party was Lin Heping. Ann Karen became more anxious when he heard that he was worried about his reputation. Hansen hoped that he would consider his sister-in-law’s situation. Zhu Di quickly interceded for his brother. An Kailun only agreed to come forward to solve it.

As a small guest, when he saw this, he suggested that An Kailun take advantage of Qiaoman’s relationship with Lin Heping and settled it privately. Zhu Di felt feasible.

Ann Karen called Qiaoman. Having said the matter, I hope Qiaoman can intercede in front of Lin Heping. Qiao Man drove Lin Heping out only two days ago, so how can he have the face to ask others? He hesitated immediately. Ann Kailun insisted repeatedly, and Joeman had to agree to give it a try.

Li Pingge, Attorney Zhang is fully prepared, waiting for the original manuscripts from the authors. Lin Heping was very pleased. At this time, Yang Lan told him that Joe Man was waiting in the meeting room. Lin Heping went immediately upon seeing this.

Qiaoman cut into the subject in a few words, hoping that Lin Heping could abandon the prosecution. Lin Heping immediately refused and questioned Hansen’s involvement. Joe Man explained the relationship between Hansen and Ann Kailun and defended Hansen. Lin Heping didn’t believe it. Joe Man got up to leave. Lin Heping got up to stop him. Unexpectedly, the old wound on his neck had not healed. Lin Heping held his neck and couldn’t straighten it up. Qiaoman immediately took Lin Heping to see the doctor.

The doctor prescribed a lot of medicine, and Qiao Man carefully told Lin Heping to take it as prescribed by the doctor. Lin Heping was very pleased when he saw this, and promised to help Qiaoman fight for the shareholders. Qiao Man was very happy to hear it. Lin Heping looked at Qiao Man who was smiling like a flower, and fell into Nan Sheng’s memory again.

At that time, Director Zhao in Mama Lin’s factory learned that Mama Lin had adopted Nansheng, and planned to force Mama Lin to marry Nansheng to her disabled nephew. Mama Lin immediately raised the broom and drove away Director Zhao. Nan Sheng went to deliver food to Lin’s mother and saw this accidentally.

Back home, Nan Sheng didn’t want to cause trouble to the Lin family anymore, so he left the book and left. I never thought I met a few gangsters halfway through. Fortunately, Lin Heping arrived in time, drove away a few gangsters, and brought Nan Sheng back to Lin’s house. Lin Heping quarreled with Nan Sheng and forced Nan Sheng to guarantee eternal life. Do not leave the Lin family.

When Qiao Fang went abroad desperately, Accounting He was very injured. Accountant He met Qiao Fang, who was looking for a house, and sneered. When Qiao Fang saw this, he got up and wanted to leave. Accountant He stopped her and asked. After learning that Qiao Fang was looking for a house, he took the initiative to let Qiao Fang live in his house and introduced him to Qiao Fang’s work as a copywriter. Qiao Fang had nowhere to go. Qiao Man asked her sister to meet. The two sisters cared about each other. Qiao Fang simply said about the renting house. Qiao Man couldn’t help but joke.

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