Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 7 Plot

Qiao Fang returned to China, and she met her ex-boyfriend He Accounting just as soon as she returned. Qiao Fang talked about returning to China for development. Accounting Ho couldn’t help but sarcastically. Upon seeing this, Qiao Fang immediately became angry. Accountant He saw Qiao Fang carrying a heavy suitcase and wanted to help. Qiao Fang refused. Accounting He had to give Qiao Fang one of his business cards, and Qiao Fang just picked it up and left.

Yang Lan, who was following Accounting He, saw this scene and took video evidence. She reported the matter to A Li quickly, and A Li felt that it was just around the corner. When the two were delighted, Mo Hui ran in to report, saying that there were a large number of high imitation works on the market, and the prices were so low that customers cancelled orders one after another. This incident has already alarmed the directors of the company. As soon as he heard it, A Li took Mo Hui out to deal with it, and told Yang Lan to go to the airport to meet Lin Heping.

Brother Doo, the accustomed thief, stared at Lin Heping’s collection. After stepping on it in advance, Brother Doo took a small bastard Amao and an electric drill to break Lin Heping’s back wall and sneak in. Lin Heping didn’t arrange infrared rays in the room, and Brother Duo couldn’t help but feel disappointed that he couldn’t perform his stunts. Amao picked up a handicraft. Brother Duo couldn’t help telling Amao that he didn’t know how to do it. He immediately picked up the knowledge of collecting science and stared at the most conspicuous Bianhua diary in the house.

Lin Heping took Qiaoman off the plane. Yang Lan had been waiting at the airport gate. Qiaoman sent a WeChat message to his sister as soon as he got off the plane. When Yang Lan met, he told the customer about the cancellation of the order, but Lin Heping disapproved, and was busy caring about Qiaoman’s accommodation. Qiao Man tweeted about Lin Heping’s help to transfer his position at a high price, and Lin Heping said that he would repay the favor. Yang Lan still wanted to persuade, but Lin Heping took the Yang Lan to talk about things in Barcelona, ​​and Yang Lan had to keep silent.

Hansen returned to China and came to An’s company. Arrange high-profile work for everyone as soon as you enter the door. The employees of the company didn’t know Hansen, and they were all surprised. Someone laughed at Hansen quietly, and Hansen couldn’t help but immediately played a rogue character.

An Kailun’s brother-in-law Zhu Fan is in charge of this company. He had long received notice from An Kailun, welcoming Hansen very much, but Hansen robbed Zhu Fan’s office unceremoniously, and Zhu Fan laughed at Hansen and left with a disappointment.

Lin Heping took Qiaoman to a high-end hotel for an indefinite check-in procedure. Lin Heping looked at Qiaoman’s ID card and was disappointed to find that Qiaoman had not lied. Joe Man has been to such a high-end place from the future. Lin Heping’s generous and understanding, Qiaoman couldn’t believe his eyes.

After Lin Heping left, Qiao Man rushed into the room excitedly, fell on the soft bed, thinking about the schedule. Xiaozhi called and cared about him. Qiaoman said about the itinerary. I couldn’t understand why Qiaoman gave up his affectionate Hansen? Qiaoman did not intend to disturb Hansen when she returned to China. She planned to return to Barcelona after seeing her sister.

Directors of the company gathered for a meeting, and Director Yan took the lead in attacking A Li. A Li pointed out that she and Lin Heping also invested a lot of money in this exhibit. I hope everyone will give you some time to investigate. Lin Heping was late, and Director Yan waited very anxiously.

After Lin Heping came, he was surprised to learn that the consequences were serious. The exhibits won many customers in Barcelona, ​​but changed in a blink of an eye. Lin Heping immediately arranged for Yang Lan and Mo Hui to investigate the situation, so as to appease the directors and wait.

Lin Heping took A Li to dinner, and ran into Luo Chen, a college classmate. Luo Chen has been blaming Lin Heping for Nansheng’s death. Hearing that Lin Heping had gone to Barcelona, ​​he immediately became angry and accused Lin Heping of swearing. Lin Heping immediately stood up and grabbed Luo Chen’s collar to confront him, Luo Chen yelled without fear.

Seeing this, Xiaoxi hurried to persuade him to fight, and Lin Heping let go. Luo Chen took Xiaoxi and left. When the two went out of the restaurant, Xiaoxi was very angry about Luo Chen’s obsession with Nan Sheng in his heart. When Luo Chen saw this, he immediately admitted and left angrily.

Brother Duo stole a few paintings and Bianhua’s diary. On the way, he met a book seller who reselled used books. He immediately took out the diary and sold it. After reading it, the book seller offered ten yuan. Brother Duo didn’t believe it, but the book seller didn’t. Brother Duo was disappointed and sold the book to a book seller.

In fact, book sellers are just a poor book. Qiaoman took Ben’s address in China and found it all the way, and found that many people were collecting debts from Ben. Seeing more and more creditors, he took the opportunity to escape. Qiaoman chased after him. Ben finally got rid of those old creditors. Qiaoman blocked Ben in the corner and took out a receipt to ask for 50,000 euros. Ben looked at the receipt but disapproved and ran away again, Qiaoman chased him.

Jube arranged a mansion for Hansen, and Hansen was surprised. Hansen asked Zhu Bei for a company performance survey, and Zhu Bei was taken aback. Hansen felt that everyone in the company should be equal. Zhu Bei was speechless and had to follow suit. After Zhube left, Hansen left a message to Joe Man carefully.

Qiaoman asked the bill to no avail, and stayed angrily in the hotel to eat snacks to vent. In the middle of the night, Lin Heping came to Qiaoman, Qiaoman chattered, Lin Heping couldn’t help taking Qiaoman as a Nansheng, and hugged Qiaoman, Qiaoman immediately resisted and drove Lin Heping away.

Lin Heping returned home guiltily and looked at Qiao Man’s paintings of flowers on the other side, and the shadow of Nan Sheng appeared in his heart again. He knew that he had already regarded Qiao Man as Nan Sheng, which was very unfair to Qiao Man, so he secretly decided to forget Nan Sheng and did not want to hurt the kind Qiao Man.

Lin Heping opened the secret door of the secret room and moved the painting in, but unexpectedly found that the collection in the secret room and the diary of the other shore flower were missing. Lin Heping hurriedly checked and unexpectedly discovered a large hole in the wall, and was stunned.

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