Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 6 Plot

During those youthful years, Lin Heping and Nansheng knew that their parents were about to get married and form a new family. Nansheng was also about to become Lin Heping’s sister. Lin Heping did not agree with his mother marrying Nan Sheng’s father. Suddenly there were more people in the family that made him feel uncomfortable. With the insistence of his mother, Lin Heping stopped protesting.

Lin Heping came to the station to meet Nan Sheng and her father. Nan Sheng’s father was in a car accident on the road and Nan’s father was taken to the hospital. Lin Heping went to the station and did not see Nan Sheng and her father. At this time, Lin’s mother received a call from Nan Sheng. Nan Sheng told her father that there was a car accident and he was in the hospital. After learning of the situation, Mother Lin took Lin Heping to the hospital in the heavy rain. It was not easy to take a taxi on a rainy day. A Li who happened to be passing by took them to the hospital.

Nan’s father’s condition is not good. Nan Sheng has been crying outside the operating room. She is very worried about his father’s departure. Lin Mu and Lin Heping felt the hospital, and when they saw Nan Sheng sitting on a bench crying, Nan Sheng had been blaming himself because his father had a car accident to buy her soy milk. Father Nan finally passed away, and Nan Sheng and Lin mother wept bitterly when they learned about it.

It was A Li’s younger brother Xu Zhensheng who killed Nan’s father. Xu Zhensheng blamed himself when he learned that Nan’s father was dead. Nan Sheng has been taken to Lin’s house. Xu Zhensheng was secretly outside without looking at Nan Sheng. Nan Sheng was very sad. Lin Heping had been sitting next to her to comfort her and promised to take care of her in the future.

Mother Lin called to tell Father Nan’s sister the news of Father Nan’s death. Father Nan’s sister didn’t care about the death of her brother at all, which made Mother Lin very angry. Nan Sheng wanted to live in a guest house, but Lin Heping did not want Nan Sheng to leave. When Lin Mu returned, Lin Mu did not tell Nan Sheng aunt Nan Sheng’s attitude. Lin Mu let Nan Sheng stay at home.

Lin Heping cleaned up his room and let Nan Sheng live. Nan Sheng saw some books, and Lin Heping explained that Xu Zhensheng took them to look at them. A Li became a third party because he was deceived. Chen Yicheng came to A Li to ask for forgiveness, but A Li didn’t want to be you or him. Chen Yicheng said that although he lied to him, he also got benefits. Chen Yicheng promised A Li that he would get a divorce, but A Li would no longer be with him.

Father Nan has been buried, but unfortunately the perpetrator has not been found. Mother Lin asked Nan Sheng to stay here. They will take care of Nan Sheng. Xu Zhensheng has always felt guilty. Nan Sheng was lying on the bed and couldn’t fall asleep. She got up and took things to wake Lin Heping. Lin Heping was very worried that Nansheng would enter the room. Lin Heping helped Nan Sheng set up a tent. Before Nan Sheng had lived in his little aunt’s house, the family was very small, the tent she always talked about. Nan Sheng put Lin Heping to sleep in the bed. She slept in the tent, and Lin Heping agreed. Nan Sheng was writing a diary in the tent. Lin Heping knew Nan Sheng’s mood, and he was willing to talk to Nan Sheng.

Xu Zhensheng invited Nansheng and Lin Heping for dinner. Xu Zhensheng asked Nansheng about the college entrance examination. Nansheng said that he would not go back until he found the perpetrator. Xu Zhensheng was a little nervous. After dinner, Lin Heping and Nansheng were walking on the road. Lin Heping told Nansheng not to pay attention to what Xu Zhensheng said. They didn’t want to drive her away. Lin Heping wanted Nansheng to continue to school. Nan Sheng wanted to find a job first, and then find the perpetrators to leave. Lin Heping said that this is her home, do not leave here.

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