Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 5 Plot

Qiaoman came to the exhibition hall and pulled Hansen away. Qiaoman told Hansen that she was willing to buy the painting to Lin Heping. Qiaoman asked Hansen where the money came from. At this time, Ann Karen came over and told Qiaoman that he gave the money because Hansen was his half-brother. Qiaoman was very angry when he learned that she had always been a peacemaker among them.

The exhibition went on smoothly. An Kailun’s wife sent photos in the exhibition hall. Yang Lan stopped in time because the works here could not be photographed, so Lin Heping went to rescue immediately. Lin Heping has been looking for Qiaoman in the exhibition hall. Yang Lan thought that Lin Heping was fascinated by Qiaoman. She told Lin Heping that Qiaoman was in a bad mood and was just fired by the boss.

Hansen was very angry because An Kailun told Qiaoman about their relationship. Ann Kailun asked Hansen to return to the family business to help expand the industry. Hansen was unwilling to go back. He was anxious that Ankai would collapse. Lun suppressed Hansen everywhere to get angry. Ann Karen told Hansen that if he wanted Joeman to live a happy life, he had to come back, and Hansen had no choice but to agree. Ann Kailun asked Hansen to take charge of the wine business and first went to China to open the market.

Hansen told Qiaoman about his return to China, and Hansen asked Qiaoman if he was willing to go back to China with him, and he took out the ring and wanted the novice to bring it to Qiaoman. Qiaoman said that she was not suitable for him, Qiaoman did not promise Hansen, but this ring will remain for Qiaoman.

Zhuo Yang pulled Yang Lan out of the exhibition hall. He took the Yang Lan to the house Xiaozhi bought. He told Xiaozhi that this was the house he bought. Yang Lan looked at Zhuo Yang and was doing very well now. Young broke up because Zhuo Yang couldn’t make progress. Yang Lan asked Zhuo Yang if there was a possibility of their reunion. Just when they were about to get close to each other, as soon as they got home, she exposed Zhuo Yang’s lie face to face.

Zhuo Yang explained to Xiaozhi that Yang Lan was just a former friend. Yang Lan was very sad and left, so Xiaozhi broke up with Zhuo Yang and kicked him out of the house. In fact, Zhuo Yang just wanted to raise his eyebrows in front of his old friend. Zhuo Yang and Lin Heping were drinking together, Zhuo Yang said his innermost words, and Lin Heping said that if he wanted to return to China, he could go to him.

When A Li came to Lin Heping’s house, the floor manager Ke Duo knocked on the door. Ke Duo asked A Li about Lin Heping’s whereabouts. In fact, he made up his mind about the collection of Lin Heping’s house.

Qiaoman and Xiaozhi came to see Ann Kailun, and Ann Kailun stopped Qiaoman, but Qiaoman was not angry about the incident. Ann Kailun asked Qiaoman for help. Hansen was about to return to China. After all, his temper was very hot. Ann Kailun hoped Qiaoman could return to China with Hansen, but Qiaoman refused.

Qiaoman’s appearance was like an unexpected guest, and Lin Heping could not help being kind to Qiaoman. The exhibition was about to end. Lin Heping was about to return to China. He took a snack to say goodbye to Qiaoman. In fact, Lin Heping did not want to leave her. Lin Heping knows that she is not Nan Sheng, but he can’t help himself.

Hansen has packed up his things and is ready to return to China. I don’t know when I will see Qiaoman after leaving this time. Hansen has already understood that he will do something to do something, keep Qiaoman by his side, and Qiaoman will go to the airport to send Qiao Fang back to China. .

He Jianfeng came to A Li. He Jianfeng said that the ledger she gave was false and he could not sign it because the company needs to be listed and A Li must make this account. He Jianfeng said he could do nothing. Ke Duo took a fancy to the collection in Lin Heping’s home, and he and his accomplices prepared to steal the collection in Lin Heping’s home.

Lin Heping is about to return to China. He invited Qiaoman to the celebration banquet. Qiaoman has found the owner of the house. He is in the country. Qiaoman is going to return to China to find him. Lin Heping proposed to return home together.

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