Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 4 Plot

One night shortly after Nan Sheng’s father died, Nan Sheng and Lin Heping burned paper together. They didn’t say a word on the road. Lin Heping saw Qiaoman’s shoelaces opened and squatted to tie Qiaoman’s shoes. Lin Heping stood up and turned his back to Nansheng. Nansheng hugged Lin Heping from behind. Now that his father had left, Nansheng did not want Lin Heping to leave him. Lin Heping held Nansheng’s face and said that he would always be with Nansheng. Lin Heping was immersed in the memories until she was awakened by Qiao Man, Lin Heping lamented that things are now wrong.

Lin Heping has always been worried about the exhibition. He came to the exhibition hall to see the progress. The author of “Beacon on the Other Shore” has never been found. Mo Hui persuaded Lin Heping to change a painting. Lin Heping was unwilling. He would see the painting. Kind of indescribable feeling.

Xiaozhi and Zhuoyang were carrying things and walking on the road. They stopped when they were tired, but they were regarded as engaging in performance art, and they were given money back. Xiao Zhi Fei Chan left angrily, Xiao Zhi said that she came to study abroad, not to engage in performance art. It is not easy for her to live abroad. She is very sad and misses her domestic life. But her family thought she had a very good time abroad, and she didn’t want to go back to worry about her parents. She didn’t know how long it would take to wander abroad. Qiaoman came to them with some food, watching Xiaozhi’s mood, Qiaoman kept comforting her.

Hansen came to Qiaoman to apologize. Qiaoman said that he should apologize to Lin Heping. Now Peter thinks that Hansen is betraying him, and now Pete is going to be sentenced. Qiaoman took the lunch box and was going to give it to Lin Heping. Hansen said that the exhibition would end and Lin Heping would not stay in Barcelona.

Qiaoman came to the exhibition hall and she saw the painting “Beacon on the Other Shore”. She told Yang Lan that this painting was copying her, and Yang Lan and Qiaoman argued. When Lin Heping came over, Yang Lan explained that he saw that Lin Heping liked the painting, so he asked someone to copy it. When he found the author, he would really hang it. Qiaoman despised this behavior. Lin Heping let him Yang Lan took down the painting.

In order to prove that the painting was made by her, Qiao Man brought Lin Heping to her home and saw the painting in Qiao Man’s home. Qiao Man’s sister, Qiao Fang, came out to greet Lin Heping. Qiao Man asked Qiao Fang if he would take this painting to the exhibition. Qiao Fang said yes. Lin Heping wanted to buy this painting, but Qiao Man didn’t want to sell it. Don’t want to leak out.

Yang Lan will find the half-face makeup of the author of “The Lighthouse on the Other Shore” and tell A Li that A Li is worrying about why Jianfeng matters, and He Jianfeng has not let go. Now there is an account that has not been clear.

Qiaoman had problems with the house she sold, but she hadn’t met the owner, and Lin Heping didn’t say anything to help Qiaoman. Qiao Man found a box of sleeping pills at home. Qiao Fang couldn’t think about it because of Anthony. Qiao Man said that he would help her pay off the money. Qiao Man persuaded Qiao Fang to return to China first, as a way to relax.

Lin Heping has always wanted to buy Qiaoman’s painting. This exhibition is mainly based on this painting. Without this painting, it will lose its meaning. For Lin Heping’s sincerity, Qiaoman promised The painting was sold to Lin Heping.

Qiao Man went to see a colleague, and the colleague told Qiao Man that she had been fired because she had surrendered the exhibition hall privately, so she would not be given her basic salary this month. Qiao Man was very angry and went to the boss Hu Jieming, Qiao Man asked the boss for salary, but the boss did not pay her, Qiao Man was very angry and left.

Qiaoman came to the beach, when Hansen came to Qiaoman, he asked if he bought the painting to Lin Heping. Although Qiaoman feels distressed, but thinks that the painting will have a little meaning in Lin Heping’s, and Hansen said that he would bring the painting back. “Beacon on the Other Shore” is already in the exhibition hall. Lin Heping is unwilling to sell this painting, and Yang Lan is very puzzled by Lin Heping’s decision.

Hansen came to Ann Kailun, and he accepted 50,000 Euros from Ann Kailun. He promised that he would not do bad things and would not mess with the winery again, and Ann Kailun promised to lend him. Hansen came to the exhibition hall to buy “The Lighthouse on the Other Shore”. Lin Heping said it was his collection and would not sell it. Hansen said it was painted by his girlfriend and he wanted to take it back. Lin Heping said I have never heard that he is Joe Man’s boyfriend, he has always been willing.

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