Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 3 Plot

Zhuo Yang told Xiaozhi what had happened to Lin Heping. Zhuo Yang knew Pete and he was Hansen’s subordinate. He was so small that Zhuo Yang should not be nosy. Hansen was not something they could provoke, and he asked Zhuo to buy a house. Yang accompanied her to see the house.

Joman followed Hansen to the warehouse. Hansen came here to find Pete. Joman saw the goods and asked Hansen to return the goods. Hansen said that Joeman is not qualified to care about his affairs. If Joeman marries him, he will listen to Joeman for everything. Qiaoman reminded Hansen that it was illegal for him to do these things and he had to return the goods. Hansen said that if it is someone else, there is no problem, but the other person is Lin Heping and nowhere.

Qiaoman left very angry. When Hansen thought about saving Qiaoman, she had lost her memory. Hansen had been with her at the time. Lin Heping told A Li about the clues he had obtained, and A Li decided to let Yang Lan adjust a batch of goods to Barcelona first, looking for the goods at the general exhibition. The painter Lin Heping was looking for has never been found. A Li is very dissatisfied with what Yang Lan has arranged these days. Zhuo Yang also arranged for Yang Lan as the ground pick.

As small as I found Qiaoman and told her about buying a house, Qiaoman has been unhappy because of Hansen’s affairs. When I learned about it from Zhuo Yang, Qiaoman knew that he was afraid of Hansen because he didn’t tell her. . Qiao Man is very embarrassed now, caught between Hansen and Lin Heping, is very embarrassed, as small as he proposes to keep secret, they can take it back whatever they take.

Qiaoman wanted to take Xiaozhi into action. When they were going to drive, Hansen appeared in front of them. Hansen said that he could not get in another man’s car. Qiaoman said that Lin Ping used her to do business. Hansen became jealous. He believed that Qiaoman did not stand by his side when he was killed. Hansen had been kidnapping Qiaoman morally. Qiaoman threatened his life and Hansen had to leave.

Qiao Man and Xiao Zhi came to Hansen’s underground warehouse. Qiao Man asked Hansen to call Zhuo Yang. Zhuo Yang was too timid to go alone. He immediately informed Lin Heping about this matter. Lin Heping learned Immediately after the situation rushed over.

Qiaoman and Xiaozhi came to the warehouse. Hansen walked out wearing a suit holding flowers in his hand. He knelt on one knee and proposed to Qiaoman. Pete said that as long as she marries Hansen, these goods will be returned to Lin Heping. Qiaoman rejected Hansen’s proposal. Hansen didn’t understand how he was inferior to Lin Heping. Qiaoman said he was now a thief. Hansen was very angry and prepared to smash all the artworks, preventing Lin Heping from holding the exhibition. Qiaoman could only agree to Hansen’s marriage proposal under pressure.

At this time, Lin Heping came to the warehouse. Hansen told Lin Heping that Joe Man was now his fiancee, and Lin Heping knew that Joe Man was being persecuted. Hansen decided to give Lin Heping some color, and the two started their hands. Qiaoman stepped forward to stop them, and even took the opportunity to call the police. Hansen’s men picked up the stick and waved it at them. Lin Heping stood in front of Qiaoman. Lin Heping was knocked out, and then the police came to the scene.

Lin Heping was taken to the hospital, Mo Hui told A Li about the situation here, and A Li told him that Yang Lan was on his way to Basai. Qiao Man had been guarding Lin Heping in the ward. Lin Heping woke up. He was always worried about the exhibition. Qiao Man thanked Lin Heping for blocking her. Joe Man asked Lin Heping to agree to one thing, because Pete took the goods privately, which has nothing to do with Hansen. I hope Lin Heping will not hold Hansen accountable. Qiaoman told Lin Heping that she was not Hansen’s girlfriend, and Hansen was a very important person to Qiaoman.

After Lin Heping was discharged from the hospital, Qiaoman took him to the beach to relax. Qiaoman’s shoes broke on the way. Lin Heping untied his shoelaces and tied them on Qiaoman’s feet. Qiaoman tied his shoelaces, which reminded Lin Heping of Nansheng.

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