Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 2 Plot

Hansen came to the house and saw Pete taking the woman home. Hansen was very angry. When Hansen was about to get angry, Pete gave out Lin Heping’s message and Lin Heping went to Qiaoman. Hansen believes that Qiaoman and Lin Heping have an unusual relationship. The reason why Qiaoman was willing to be Hansen’s girlfriend was because Qiaoman was in a coma at the beach and was taken away by a foreigner. Hansen found her and rescued her. . Qiaoman didn’t want to be kidnapped by morals anymore. Hansen just hoped that Qiaoman could stay with her all the time. Qiaoman said that she wanted to buy or not to marry. If she wanted to marry, only marry him, Hansen left.

Qiao Fang worked as a waiter in a restaurant. She met her ex-husband. Her ex-husband asked for a divorce fee of 200,000 yuan. Qiao Fang said that she had no money. The two had a dispute, and Qiao Fang was safe when he heard the cry inside. Qiao Man came to Qiao Fang when he learned of the situation. At this time, Anthony walked over and Qiao Man warned Anthony not to approach Qiao Fang anymore.

Lin Heping was still looking for the customs for the exhibition hall. He asked the customs when he could take the goods. The customs told them that the goods were not with them and there was no record. Only then did Mo Hui know that they had been cheated. Qiao Man came to learn about the situation, and Lin Heping had to call the police first.

When the robbers pretended to be the police and took away the goods, A Li had already learned that A Li called Lin Heping to inquire about the situation. A Li told Lin Heping that these things were known to the reporter and would have an impact on the company’s listing. Lin Heping thought that these robbers took the goods for money, and they must go back to the art market to sell these goods. Lin Heping planned to go to the art market and Qiaoman also said that he would help them.

This time the artwork was robbed by Pete. Hansen was very angry when he knew this. Pete didn’t think he was wrong. He would not give up this opportunity. Hansen said he would regret doing so.

Lin Heping printed a photo of the artwork and came to the art market. In the market they encountered a dispute and broke a handicraft. Qiao Man saw that Lin Heping’s hand was broken and immediately went to the drugstore to help him buy medicine. Qiao Man helped Lin Heping bandage the wound. Lin Heping looked at Qiao Man, she really looked like a boy.

The handicrafts have never been found. A Li proposed to postpone the exhibition, and Lin Heping believed that they would be found. The next day Qiao Man and Lin Heping continued to look for artworks. Qiao Man said they would find them. Qiao Man took Lin Heping into the restaurant. She told everyone that Lin Heping’s wife was terminally ill and needed to find some artworks. Find it with a streaking celebration. Hearing this, Lin Heping immediately pulled Qiaoman away.

Lin Heping and Mo Hui came to the art market again. Mo Hui saw a vase they had lost. At this time, Zhuo Yang came over and Mo Hui asked Zhuo Yang to inquire about the origin of the vase. Zhuo Yang told the boss to tell him the origin of the vase, and he would buy the vase. The boss said that a man gave him the vase. The boss bought the bottle when he saw it was good. Lin Heping bought this vase.

Zhuo Yang continued to wait in the market. Zhuo Yang informed Lin Heping that the delivery person was about to arrive. Lin Heping didn’t want to take Qiaoman with him, so he looked for opportunities to pay Qiaoman. Lin Heping and Mo Hui came to the market. At this time, Pete came to deliver the goods. Qiaoman saw him. Lin Heping and his gang went after Pete. Qiaoman went to Hansen when they saw it. When Pete had a dispute with Lin Heping and Mo Hui, Zhuo Yang kept taking pictures of them in the corner, which happened to be seen by Lin Heping, but when Lin Heping asked him, Zhuo Yang denied it. And when he was at the police station, Zhuo Yang was always worried that the police would ask him, so Lin Heping became suspicious. He thought Zhuo Yang must be hiding something from them.

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