Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 10 Plot

Qiaoman agreed to help Li Pingge, and Lin Heping arranged Qiaoman to be opposite. Qiaoman followed Lin Heping to the rental house. The room was spacious, bright and brand-new furniture. Qiaoman was very happy when he saw it.

Lin Heping urged Qiaoman to be careful, and when he told about the theft at home, Qiaoman was dubiously joking. Seeing Lin Heping’s solemn expression, he asked quickly. When Lin Heping said that the collection had been stolen, Qiaoman frowned.

No one dared to buy Lin Heping’s collection. Ah Mao memorized the painting again. Brother Duo sees that Lin Heping cares about the diary very much, and thinks that the first task is to find the diary. Ah Mao was suspicious. Brother Duo told Amao that he didn’t know how to do it, and ordered Amao to collect the collection and wait for good news.

In the company, accountants are auditing the company’s accounts. Yang Lan came in to find an excuse to send everyone away, took the opportunity to change the fake account book, and left as if nothing had happened. She told A Li the news ecstatically, and A Li finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Lin Heping took Qiaoman to the company and was late for work the first day. Director Yan is complaining. Lin Heping brought Qiaoman and solemnly introduced Qiaoman. Upon seeing this, A Li mistakenly thought that Nan Sheng was resurrected, and Hua Rong immediately went out with a loss of expression.

A Li ran into the bathroom in one breath, leaning against the wall in panic. The scene of Nan Sheng Luo Ya falling into the sea came to mind. It turned out that A Li accidentally pushed Nan Sheng off the sea. A Li rinsed with cold water, calmed his emotions, and secretly decided to drive Qiao Man away from Lin Heping.

Qiaoman confidently explained in the conference room. Lin Heping stood outside the door to encourage Qiaoman. A Li hurried over and questioned Lin Heping. Lin Heping said Qiaoman’s name. After hearing this, A Li suddenly realized that he accused Lin Heping of not telling the truth. Asked to drive Qiaoman away, insisted on prosecuting An’s, Lin Heping listened to the reason and tried hard. A Li hoped that Lin Heping would listen to herself. This is the warm applause from the conference room. Qiaoman’s suggestions were highly appreciated by Director Yan and others. Lin Heping was very pleased to see this.

In order to make a fortune as soon as possible, Duo went to the old book stand to find a copy. Ask for the diary in person. Ben had forgotten the matter long ago.

In the company, Qiaoman led the person to explain the design, and Alipai Sheep Lan sent a soy milk snack. I didn’t know Qiaoman was allergic to soy milk, and Lin Heping was surprised when he saw it. Nan Sheng appeared again in his mind. It turned out that since Nan’s father passed away, Nan Sheng was very sensitive when he saw soy milk, and would never drink soy milk anymore.

There is no one in the company. A Li took the opportunity to find out about Qiaoman. As soon as Qiao Man came out of the pantry, he wanted to make a joke with A Li, but he didn’t know that A Li reacted too much. Qiaoman was embarrassed.

Qiao Man claimed to be Lin Heping’s fiancee, Qiao Man quickly appreciated it. A Li inquired about Qiao Man’s life experience intentionally or unconsciously, Qiao Man had no intention of telling the truth. A Li was relieved now.

When Yang Lan saw A Li left, he asked Qiao Man about the situation. Qiaoman said that he was chatting. Yang Lan wentssip about Lin Heping and A Li’s entanglement. Qiao Man laughed.

Mo Hui sent Qiaoman’s resume. After reading it, Lin Heping judged that Qiaoman and Nansheng were not the same person. But he was full of expectation in his heart, so he went to ask Qiao Man if there were any sisters who looked imaginative. Nan Sheng went abroad in his early years, and he didn’t remember.

When Qiao Fang was wandering around the house, she accidentally walked into Accounting He’s study and found that Accounting He still had the gift he had given him. Qiao Fang’s heart warmed and decided to pursue Accounting He again and actively invited Accounting He to dinner. Accounting He heard the overtones and couldn’t help laughing.

Seeing Ben refused to help, Brother Du took out his old business and sneaked into Ben’s home to steal books. I didn’t know that Ben was accidentally alarmed, and the two robbed him. Ben repeatedly called for help, and Brother Duo left his diary and ran away.

Qiaoman fainted while surfing the internet, and broke into the ethereal world. Qiaoman met a girl in a red dress who was flying a kite. Qiaoman stepped forward to inquire. The girl unceremoniously made an order to leave Qiaoman with her back to Qiaoman, hoping that Qiaoman would live well in another world. The girl raised her foot and walked into another world. Qiao Man was unconvinced and chased after him, but he couldn’t break into it.

Zhu Fan’s incident seriously affected the reputation of the Anshi Group, and the police had no news. An Kailun decided to return to China as soon as possible to resolve the matter. After hearing this, Zhu Di will return to China to resolve the matter. An Kailun quickly stopped and told Zhu Di to be optimistic about the company, and decided to take Xiaozhi back to China to resolve the matter.

I was so happy to receive the news of returning home. Quickly called Qiaoman to share, Qiaoman talked about the things in the ethereal world, and thought that Qiaoman was tired and had hallucinations, and told Qiaoman to take a good rest. As small as talking about Zhang Fan, Qiao Man was full of apologies, but as small as he understood Qiao Man had done his best.

Hansen showed his ruffian nature and was angry at the company’s salesman, and An Kailun came with Xiaozhi. Hansen sat on the table nonchalantly. Ann Karen has long been used to it. An Kailun asked about Zhang Fan. Hansen had been sending people to keep an eye on Li Pingge, and had long learned that Lin Heping had withdrawn the prosecution of Zhang Fan.

Ann Karen knew that Joeman had contributed to it. Ann Karen knew that he would have to trouble Joeman for a while. So he left Xiaozhi in China to help Hansen solve the problem. It was so small that I was surprised. Hansen sneered when he saw it, and immediately used it.

Hansen went to the hotel to find Joeman, but found that Joeman had already checked out, and he couldn’t contact Joeman on the phone. Hansen went to Li Pingge to question Lin Heping, and Lin Heping told him that Qiao Man was already an employee of Li Pingge. Hansen heard this incredible.

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