Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 1 Plot

The exclusive destination of life always has to go through countless forks, similar to Lin Heping and Nansheng. The two met each other in their best years. There was a pledge of each other, which meant that they would last forever, but after all they failed to resist all kinds of misunderstandings and disputes. Separation, Yin and Yang are separated.

Nan Sheng unexpectedly chose a path of no return, leaving only his hand-written diary from the other side during his lifetime, which Lin Heping collected from this collection, and every time he thought about it, he would leave indelible scars in his heart. Although Lin Heping has completely forgotten Nansheng over the years, he often devotes himself to work, and even founded a curatorial company with A Li, but the company’s prosperous performance can only bring material satisfaction, but the spiritual Cangyi still cannot fill it.

A Li likes Lin Heping, just as Lin Heping loves Nansheng. She is willing to spend her life with Lin Heping out of the shadows, but Lin Heping chooses a painting signed by Bi An to participate in the art exhibition. As the company is about to go public, A Li believes that the author of this painting is not well-known and strongly opposes it. However, Lin Heping argues for reasons and suggests a two-way competition. This makes her feel helpless and reminds Lin Heping to accept Nan Sheng’s death.

Basel, a famous and prosperous city, it represents romance, boldness, passion, and is full of many surprises. Nan Sheng likes Barcelona the most, so Lin Heping decided to place the company’s exhibition in Barcelona. How did he know that his subordinate Zhuo Yang has not set a location yet, and Lin Heping has to go there in person for all arrangements.

At the same time, Qiao Man wanted to ask Hu Jieming for hard-earned money to no avail, but suffered a car accident. Fortunately, he was fine, but he accidentally broke into the ethereal world and even saw Nan Sheng who looked similar to him. My best friend arrived at Xiaozhi when he heard the news, Qiaoman retelled it excitedly when he woke up, but when he heard the words in Xiaozhi’s ears, he felt inexplicable and incomprehensible.

Lin Heping successfully arrived in Barcelona. He was accustomed to stealing calculations while passing through the square. It happened that Qiaoman witnessed the whole process, and he had already seen through the habit of stealing. He reached out and found his wallet from him. The police took the habitual sneak away, and Lin Heping was about to say a word of thanks, but he saw Qiaoman take off his wig, showing his original appearance, brows and eyes, and even his body shape was the same as Nansheng, which made Lin Heping stunned on the spot. , Ask the other party’s name.

Qiao Man grew up in Barcelona and has a more lively personality. The villa she was responsible for was stopped midway, and the owner of the villa was her boyfriend Hansen. The house could not be sold but was complained. Qiao Man was so angry that he left on the spot. It happened that Zhuo Yang had taken away the booth he had booked for Lin Ping and was robbed by Qiao Man’s company. Man.

Zhuo Yang expressed his intention and hoped that Qiaoman would let the company return the venue. Qiaoman had nowhere to vent his anger and refused immediately. Lin Heping followed Zhuo Yang through the window of the clothing store and accidentally saw a red dress. So recalling that Nan Sheng preferred red dresses, he simply decided to buy it and give it to Qiao Man. By the way, she asked her for help.

Because Hansen made Qiaoman angry, he came to apologize personally, Qiaoman refused to pay attention, and even turned him away. In desperation, Hansen only drove downstairs and deliberately recorded it with his mobile phone. How could he have thought of taking pictures of Lin Heping’s gift to Qiaoman, and suddenly became jealous, and quickly called his pete to watch Lin Heping.

Lin Heping was frustrated in giving gifts, and the new exhibition location has not been found. As a result, he heard that the company’s artwork was intercepted by the customs halfway. Zhuo Yang had a record at the customs office, so he dared not accompany him there, but he knew that An Kailun had a lot of magical powers and he would definitely be able to help. He suggested that Lin Heping go and ask for help.

Ann Kailun Winery competed maliciously with Hansen, and Hansen was almost on the verge of bankruptcy, so he brought people to the winery every day to make troubles and threatened. An Kailun specially held a banquet in the Anjia villa to pacify Hansen. He announced in public that he would accept Qiaoman as a righteous sister. Everyone was shocked. Only Lin Heping had a unique focus, staring at Qiaoman wearing the red dress that he gave. The eyes lit up, especially when I learned that Qiaoman is very familiar with Barcelona, ​​I immediately decided to invite Qiaoman to accompany him to the customs tomorrow.

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