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Mr. Huo, hug

Mr. Huo, hug
Other names: 霍先生,轻点抱
Author: Xia Qingshan
Genre: Novel, romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Chp 1067 Ongoing


After witnessing the shock of the car of the ex-boyfriend and the best girlfriend, Wei came to a flash marriage in annoyance! After marriage, Wei is the only one to live a more exciting life than car shock. The neighbor’s dog bit her, and the next day the neighbor evaporated and the dog disappeared. The boss unspoken rules for her, the company vacated the next day and the boss disappeared. The principal wanted to expel her. The school closed the next day and the principal disappeared. My father beat her, and the family disappeared the next day, even my father and stepmother disappeared together! Wei’s only panicked, who is the husband she picked up on the street? Sir, could you please introduce your identity? I can’t stand too much excitement! Someone calmly said: “My identity, your husband, and the rest are not important.”


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