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I turned wild after being favored by big guys

I turned wild after being favored by big guys
Other names: 被大佬们团宠后我野翻了
Author: Su Xiancheng
Genre:  Romance Novels
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


When she woke up from rebirth, she became the poor little who was sent to the lunatic asylum by her brothers. My brothers only love the fake daughter ‘sister’ who was taken the wrong place back then, and hate her in every way. So Pei Yunge made a fortune, packed up the fake daughter, and waited for them to tell her to go. But the brothers have a weird attitude.
President Qin sneered, “My sister smashed the shop? Come, buy me the mall and let my sister smash it!”
King Qin raised an eyebrow, “She gave the door unspoken rules? Is my brother dead?”
Qin Shen said Hei, “You play schemingly to bully Song again and again, when I am blind?”
Pei Yunge: “?”

Returning to 8 years ago, the Qin family hadn’t gone bankrupt, the brothers only Thinking of their relatives who died tragically.
What if they are incompetent and stupid, that is also their daring pet!
Just when the brothers were determined to find Pei Yunge.
“My family’s Yunyun won the world championship again, so behaved.” The gentle and expensive man smiled beautifully.
After being stripped of seven or eight vests, she was so angry that she held the man and took a bite, “You don’t want to coax me home from now on.”
Three brothers: “?”


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