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Huo Shao’s Flash Marriage Wife

Huo Shao’s Flash Marriage Wife
Other names: 霍少的闪婚暖妻, You are gentle for the rest of my life
Author: Ye Fei
Genre: Novel, Xianxia Novels
Release: 2020
Status: Ongoing


The Lu family has two daughters, the youngest daughter is the moon in the sky, and the eldest daughter is a dead dog in the gutter.

Mother Lu: You are not as good as your sister, your mind is not as good as your sister, your body is not as good as your sister, and your sister is not as lucky. What qualifications do you have for a good life, and what qualifications do you have for happiness?

Lu Weiyan: Sister, your money is mine, your house is mine, and your boyfriend is mine. You can be an old maiden who is poor and no one wants with peace of mind.

Lu Yiyu: Why? I’m also fair and beautiful with long legs, okay? Can find a man to marry in minutes. Lu Yiyu’s boyfriend was robbed by her sister, and her architectural plans were sold by her mother. Just when she was facing jail for stealing blueprints, a powerful man who had never dared to think about it appeared.

Huo Yushen checked his watch, “There is still half an hour before the Civil Affairs Bureau closes. You know what to do.”


Chapter 1 Going to Jail
Chapter 2 Your Sister has a copy of your things
Chapter 3 As a daughter, it is impossible for her to not take responsibility
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