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First Marriage Love: Mr. Huo’s Hidden Marriage Sweet Wife

First Marriage Love: Mr. Huo’s Hidden Marriage Sweet Wife
Other names: 先婚厚爱:霍先生的隐婚甜妻
Author: a star lake
Genre: Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: 1273


He didn’t love her, but she became his wife Huo. On the third day of his wedding, he mocked and said indifferently: “Mrs. Huo, we will get divorced in a year.” He cannot interfere with his personal freedom, cannot challenge his behavior, and cannot say that she is his wife. . She nodded and agreed to the three “can’t” he raised in a row. When his old love returned as scheduled, she handed him the divorce agreement as promised, “She is back, and I will give you your freedom.” He laughed, “Mrs. Huo, you even have our children, do you pay back? Where do you want to go?”


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