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Dear Mr. Huo

Dear Mr. Huo
Other names: 亲爱的霍先生
Author: Strawberry Little
Genre: Novel, romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Betrayed by her boyfriend and girlfriend, the drunk Ye Youyou provokes a mysterious man. “Give me a baby,” he said aggressively. “If you want to be beautiful, it’s better to make a piece of barbecued pork than to have a baby for you.” The man smiled, “The barbecued pork belongs to you, the bank card belongs to you, and the house belongs to you. I, too.” I thought it was the worst luck in my life to get him into trouble. How did you know that she went all the way and counterattacked, so she became the enviable Mrs. Huo and became the envy of all people. “Huo Hanxiao, all the suffering I have suffered in the first 20 years was to meet you.” “Ye Youyou, the luck of my life is you.”


Chapter 1 No Next Time
Chapter 2 Boyfriend Betrayal
Chapter 3 We Have Seen
Chapter 4 Wall Boom?
Chapter 5 Dare to Run?
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