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Master Zhan’s little fairy has grown up

Master Zhan’s little fairy has grown up
Other names: 湛爷的小妖精长大了
Author: 水千沫, Shui Qianmo
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Chapter 1592 Ongoing


Shi Qian opened his eyes and looked at the man’s beautiful face. “You have to be responsible to me.” A certain black-bellied enchantress slightly hooked her thin lips, seemingly smiling but not smiling. Since then, a little fairy has been added to the house of the imperial demon king Zhan! The big demon king turned into a faint king and spoiled the little fairy! Some people said, “It’s nothing but that face, just a vase! Sooner or later I will be dumped by Master Zhan!” Soon after… the legendary god turned out to be that little fairy! Why is the hacker army boss a bit like that little fairy! The founder of the game that swept the whole network is more like…


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