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Bai Fumei

Bai Fumei
Other names: 七零年代白富美
Author: 肉燃燃, Meat Burning
Genre: Novel, Modern Emotion
Release: 2019
Status: Ongoing


Material scarcity, famine years? Shen Huanong didn’t panic at all. One catty of noodles made five catties of grain, a basket of taro for a meal, and wheat bran and fish scales could be made delicious. Dad is a bad guy, and the heroine is reborn and wants to find my husband to reconnect? Shen Huanong said: The bad-hearted female partner is still white and rich, and the husband takes away whoever wants it. Just accidentally acted too fiercely, and became a white lotus that everyone praised! The hero broke down: You actually praise my wife? Are you all blind or am I out of focus again?


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