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When The Count’s Illegitimate Daughter Gets Married

When The Count’s Illegitimate Daughter Gets Married
Other names: 백작가의 사생아가 결혼하면
Author: 랏슈
Genre: Novel, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Dirty wench! You stole my necklace!”“Unless I knew where your necklace was, I wouldn’t have been able to take it.”As an illegitimate child, Laritte’s biggest sin was being born.In the year she became an adult, she was sent to marry the ghost duke who was rumored to be dead. Her miserable life seemed to get worse and worse, however……Her life changed when the duke came back alive.“Madam, how do you like it?”Kind servants,“You have enough luxury to buy some residences in the capital.”“…… one will be able to look down on you anymore.”And the empire’s devoted and murderous duke.It was already too late for those who tormented Laritte to regret.


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