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Waste Material Empress, You Lost Your Mask

Scrap girl, your mask is off
Other names: 废材娘娘你面具掉了
Author: Red Bean Bun
Genre: Romance Novels
Release: Unknown
Status: Chapter 917 Ongoing


Ye Qingyan has no power to bind the chicken, but his life is immeasurable. Three generations of emperors have died, and her harem supreme is alive and well. Until the fourth-generation great-grandson ascended the throne, she was poisoned to death by a glass of drunken dreams, but before her soul returned to the Yin Cao Jifu, she was reborn… It was the day of the wedding! “The princess, the prince brought a woman back to the house, how do you arrange it?” “Prepare a good thin-skinned coffin. The kind that must meet the dogs!” “You want to…’arranged’ her.” “Of course not, the coffin was prepared for your prince!” A man standing outside the door:…


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