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Empress Doctor Phoenix: Tsundere tyrant, strong pet!

Empress Doctor Phoenix: Tsundere tyrant, strong pet! (After the Divine Doctor Phoenix)
Other names: 神医凰后:傲娇暴君,强势宠!(神医凰后)
Author: Su Xiaonuan
Genre: Romance Novels
Release: 2020
Status: Chapter 4257 Finale


She, a 21st century ace agent, a genius girl abandoned by the family; he, the prince of the black empire with a proud belly, became the supreme king in anger; she pretends to be a pig, eats a tiger, abuses him, irritates him, every time she finishes it. run. You can’t bear it if you are a man! He can only hunt her, spoil her, and tempt her to fall in love with him. Who knows that the person who pulled out his heart in the end became him. ——A young man with a king over the world, a girl with a phoenix dance, a game of love chasing evenly matched against each other.


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