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After rebirth, the richest husband lost his horse

After rebirth, the richest husband lost his horse
Other names: 重生后首富老公掉马了
Author: Pear classification
Genre: President fiction
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


“What should I do? If the lady is still awake, there will be no way to participate in this funeral.” Aunt Zhang, the servant, stood by the bed, watching the sleeping young woman with her eyes burnt. “I have washed my stomach, I should be waking up soon.” The family doctor sighed. Who could have imagined that something like this could happen to the famous Qin family, who was on the verge of bankruptcy overnight, and the father died of a heart attack. Swallow a whole bottle of sleeping pills. The doctor’s voice fell short, and the woman lying on the bed frowned slightly, her slender and curly eyelashes trembling. …


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