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Sleepy Married

Other names: 昏婚欲睡
Author: Step calm
Genre: Urban Novels
Release: 2019
Status: 1607


Six years ago-
she said: “Give me a million, and I want you to have enough!”
He pushed her against the wall: “Qin Muchu, we are completely finished playing together!”

Six years later, we met again. –
he pressed her in bed, “one million transactions, it is time to get back with interest is coming!”
“but I’m married!”Yes, she married for half a year!

Although, she knew nothing about her husband, and she didn’t even know who was the last name or first name. The only thing she knew was that when everyone mentioned that man, they were all respectful.
Until one day, the man descended to her like a god to save her from danger. She was shocked and stared at the bad man in front of her in disbelief.
He said solemnly: “Call my husband, come and listen.”
She was furious: “I want a divorce!”
He didn’t care, and smiled faintly. Never leave!”
So if she wants to get a divorce, she has to accompany him to try all these three hundred and sixty-five bed tricks?


Chapter 1 The Wedge-Six Years Ago
Chapter 2 Catch the rape in bed
Chapter 3 Not seen in six years, still so cheap
Chapter 4 I want to sue you
Chapter 5 One million is not so easy to earn
Chapter 6 Little Tail’s Father
Chapter 7 Mysterious Husband
Chapter 8 New Leaders
Chapter 9 Reunion in the Hospital
Chapter 10 We are not familiar
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