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The queen of hidden marriage cried sweetly

The queen of hidden marriage cried sweetly
Other names: 隐婚影帝后甜哭了
Author:  Yan Luo
Genre:  Modern Romance
Release: Updating
Status: 1207


“Xia Ying Queen, do you have a boyfriend?”
“Xia Ying Queen, do you know that President Han publicly expresses his love for you? Will you agree to President Han’s pursuit?”
Xia Yishan pinched her eyebrows, “No, I don’t know, no comment, thank you.”
There was a tumult in the crowd, and behind her, a red book accidentally fell out of the arms of Actor Su.
The nearest reporter picked it up, “Fuck! Su Jingting and Xia Yishan’s marriage certificate!”
Su Jingting approached and hugged Xia Yishan’s waist, and said to the reporter who asked the question, “She has no boyfriend, only a husband. Go and tell Han Zimo to do nothing. Day dream.”
Hey hey hey-the actor and actress are said to be hidden marriage!


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