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The exclusive arrogant girl of the cold school grass

The exclusive arrogant girl of the cold school grass
Other names: 冷酷校草的专属嚣张丫头
Author: Platinum Gold
Genre: Youth Campus
Release: Updating
Status: 2078


The sweeter the more sweet the school story in the back! Yan Muqin likes challenging people and things the most. When she met Ye Hangchuan, the school grass, she vowed to take down this cold and arrogant young master by herself. After hard work, she still only got his cold eyes. In fact, they had encountered each other as early as when they were young, but they had forgotten each other, but the underlying inner feelings still existed. I heard that it is not that he is cold, but that the person who is warm is not you. When Yan Muqin chose to leave, Ye Hangchuan found…When the figure of the girl she wanted to look for many years ago overlapped with her, he caused a huge fluctuation in his heart… Can they be together?


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