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Shao Fu asks for pets online every day

Shao Fu asks for pets online every day
Other names: 傅少每天都在线求宠
Author: Shao Fu asks for pets online every day
Genre:  Modern Romance
Release: Updating
Status: 544


The imperial capital Fu Shaomian was cold-hearted, and Bailian green tea within a radius of a hundred li could not be approached. It cooled the hearts of thousands of ladies and wondered who could surrender Fu Shao.
The reborn star Li Wan was photographed holding Fu Shao’s thigh tightly, threatening to soak Fu Shao in his hands.
People who eat melons: Oh, another one is dead, waiting to turn into a parabola in the night sky!
I saw Fu Shao hug Li Wan and hug Li Wan, petting the sky.
People who eat melon:? ? ?
Li Wan stepped on black material to become a queen, and the people who ate melons asked the gossip:
“After Li Ying, what do you rely on to get the position of the queen?”
“After Li Ying, why can you hold Fu Shao’s thigh? “
He~ he is my husband.”
“Mrs. Fu, can you give me your first interview after marriage?”
After the wedding announcement, Fu Shaowan hi Weibo:
@(Xīng yào yúlè) Star Entertainment: I heard that you have arranged full announcements for my wife?
Xingyao Entertainment: I dare not dare (you are the boss and everything you say is right!)
@agent, I heard that my wife is going to the mountains to close the shooting for three months?
Agent: Withdraw the filming plan (I don’t know whether the job will be kept or not)
@Li Wan: Wife, are you coming back for dinner tonight? I have learned two new dishes. Waiting for you~
Li Wan: You’re enough! A stumbling block on the road to career!
[Curious and quirky little fairy VS high cold, sultry, wide young, sweet! 】


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