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Dressed as the richest girl, I’m floating

Dressed as the richest girl, I’m floating
Other names: 穿成首富闺女我飘了, (Sweet Wen + Pet Wen + Shuang Wen)
Author:  Yan Luo
Genre:  Modern Romance
Release: Updating
Status: 393


After the genius doctor pierced through the book, he picked up the vests one by one, all as a practice!
“Big brother, your fiance ran away with the little star.”
Lian Cheng calmly said, “Break the scumbag’s legs.”
“Big brother, white lotus green tea slandered you on the Internet.”
Lian Cheng shook his legs and said, “Break her off.” way to make a fortune. ” “
big brother, Pa always invite you to go to him under eighteen senior class. “
even Cheng eat melon busy,” tell him not empty. ” “
big brother, your assistant betrayed you, Said you are a pauper.”
Lian Chengzheng was upset to count the assets under his name, “let him go.”
“Big brother, what else do you want?”
“Recruit an assistant again, with high-value, long legs, soft, sweet and silly Steamed buns are easy to handle!”
Lian Cheng yelled, “Shen Xiuyan, can you explain to me what’s going on?” After picking up countless vests of the new recruit assistant,
Shen Xiuyan smiled, “My wife, that’s what you saw.
Like … ” Every time I meet, it is my careful plan.
Rebirth in a book, high sweet and cool, the waistcoat fell while picking it up.
[Warm cute, high IQ girl wearing book VS infatuated waiting for mysterious reborn man]


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