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Room 303 Handsome Guys Army 4

Room 303 Handsome Guys Army 4
Other names: 303室帅哥军团4, Room 303 Handsome Guys Legion 4
Author: Yu Jia
Genre: Urban Novels
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


Zhuo Guantang’s god fortune teller gossip saw the black grudge symbolizing disaster on Du Tianya’s head, and he predicted that Tianya would be kidnapped. Sure enough, Zheng Tianya and Playboy Yu Wenlang disliked each other, and finally found a secluded place to prepare for a duel between men. Eight men in black surrounded them with guns. What’s more surprising is that the kidnappers know that Tianya is Crown Prince Augustus of Country X, and they don’t seem to want to let the innocent Yu Wenlang be involved. In the face of this sudden crisis, will the beautiful crown prince and the top-ranked playboy in colleges and universities get caught?


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