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A piece of ice in the jade pot

A piece of ice in the jade pot
Other names: 一片冰心在玉壺
Author: –
Genre: –
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


A genius girl who has just entered the arena and inspired to become the number one thief-Mo Yan came to Kaifeng Mansion to reverse the case of the fifth brother who was wronged and imprisoned. However, because of her keen insight, she was appreciated by Master Bao, she escaped into the public door and became a female arrester in Kaifeng Mansion, and she became a happy enemy with the chivalrous and tender Nan Xia Zhanzhao. The two uncovered layers of conspiracy along the way. Mo Yan not only uncovered the mystery of his own life experience, but also understood the dilemma between “chivalry” and “emotion” in Zhan Zhao’s mind.


Volume One

Chapter 1 The Children of the Rivers and Lakes
Chapter 2 “Escape” to the public door
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