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3 years old right, right for a lifetime

It’s right at 3 years old, it’s right for a lifetime
Other names: 3岁对了,一辈子就对了
Author: Kathy Chan
Genre: other novel
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


Chinese parents are always the most bitter parents. They are not afraid of tiredness or hardship, and they have been worrying about their children for half their lives. But in fact, this is a thankless approach. To teach children, we must grasp the key points. Around 3 years old is a critical period for the development of various abilities (perception, memory, thinking, personality, etc.). Knowing this, parents teach their children that they don’t have to be so tired. “3 years old is right for a lifetime” gives a detailed and popular description of the development of children in the critical period of 3 years old, telling parents how to make children grow right when they are 3 years old, and then it will be done once and for all.


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