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Survival Handbook for Freshmen in the Post-80s Workplace

Survival Handbook for Freshmen in the Post-80s Workplace
Other names: 80后职场新鲜人生存手册
Author: Shao silver
Genre: Workplace Novel
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


“What’s so beautiful about this waterfall, grass, rainbow, and stones?” said the old man: “There is a rainbow hanging next to the waterfall, and a small grass grows on the side of the stone. The majestic and tranquility, vigor and softness are intertwined, and they often constitute the most in life. Beautiful picture…” Looking at the problem from another angle, the dark world can become brighter, and the confused state of affairs can also become clear. Therefore, we must choose the angle of our work and life, because choosing a good angle is Half of success.


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