Pregnant wife with a second child

Overnight indulgence, accidentally planted a small bun by him … He is an absolute dignitary, decisive and decisive, but he is entangled with her endlessly, spoiled on the first night, he asked,

“Six years ago, were you?” On the second night, he pinched the paternity test, “Dare I say that my son is not my kind?” On the night, she was finally impatient, “Mr., You have never finished? “The man raised his lips and smiled deeply, charming,” Second child is not born, of course, not finished. “
Title: Pregnant wife with a second child
Alternative name: Pregnant wife with a second child, Pregnant Wife And The Little Ones, 孕妻1V1:心急老公,要二胎, +واحد للزوجات الحوامل , 孕妻一加一, Pregnant wife with a second child
Author: snow on
Genre: Urban Novel, romance
Release: 2018
Chapter: 1458
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Categories: All Novel, Romance

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