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The richest first wedding

The richest first wedding
Other names: 豪门第一盛婚, First Sheng Wedding
Author: Wen demon
Genre: Romance Crossing
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


Newlyweds, the biggest fun every day is to spend money, “I want to buy a luxury house, 7 buildings!” “Okay, buy!” “I want to buy a sports car, 7 cars!” “Okay, buy!” “I want to use the luxury house I bought With a sports car, raise a man!” Hearing that, the man’s evil eyes darkened, and he dragged her away directly, “My wife, stop making trouble, go home and wash and sleep with me!”


Chapter 1 You Stole My Things
Chapter 2 Please, help me!
Chapter 3 You Want to Repay Me
Chapter 4 The Smart Little Fairy
Chapter 5 Entrapment Plan
Chapter 6 Receiving Mission Again
Chapter 7 You were caught by me
Chapter 8 One for another
Chapter 9 Are You Seducing Me?
Chapter 10 What do you call me?
Chapter 11 Assassination
Chapter 12 You are my person
Chapter 13 I’m Afraid of Darkness
Chapter 14 A Life of 1 Billion
Chapter 15 Dual Tasks
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