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Black-bellied Daddy’s Cute Baby

Black-bellied Daddy’s Cute Baby
Other names: 腹黑爹地的萌宝神娃
Author: Asashima Drowning
Genre: romance
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


She has been a childhood sweetheart for ten years, and his bride is not her. She overlord puts on the bow hard, and sleeps in the night clothes of a wealthy and invincible country. An Rou disappeared overnight …… Five years later, she returned to China with a pair of Mengbao, escaped, hid, and was still caught by him. “I swore back then that if I caught you, I would definitely make you unable to get out of bed. ”……


Chapter 1 I am your bride
Chapter 2 Take Me Away
Chapter 3 Am I feminine?
Chapter 4 is your initiative
Chapter 5 The child is her pride
Chapter 6 If I were a man, I would marry you!
Chapter 7 Who is the child’s father?
Chapter 8 A vase with only brains and no action?
Chapter 9 Entering Honestly
Chapter 10 This joke can’t be messed up!
Chapter 11 Watching Good Shows
Chapter 12 Face Blindness
Chapter 13 Love to Remember Revenge!
Chapter 14 Coincidence
Chapter 15 This kind of thing will never happen

Story about Jing Xing (the three young master of Jing Beichen) and Qi Mulin (the second young master of Qi Shantain)

Black-bellied Daddy’s Cute Baby Part 2
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