CEO Daddy’s Excessive Love

Set up by her stepmother, she was forced to leave the country after an accidental one night stand with a mystery man.

Five years later, she came back with a pair of beautiful twins! On the day of her return, she angered the tall, cold and handsome CEO.

To her astonishment, the CEO and her son look very much alike! Is he the mystery man? The twins went viral because of their cute pictures. It also attracted the attention of the CEO, so one day, the president took the initiative to find her…
Title: CEO Daddy’s Excessive Love
Alternative name: President Daddy’s Excessive Love
Author: Bei xiaoai
Genre: novel, romance
Release: 201X
Page(Chapter): 2130
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In the morning!

Stretching her eyes, she used one hand to support her back, trying her best to recall what happened last night.

No matter how slow she was, she should know what had happened.

Tang You You endured the pain of her body and pulled the blanket tightly around her.

The room was still filled with the erotic aura.

Because of having overheard her stepmother calling her mother a mistress, she was furious and let her stepbrother who hoaxed her fall off the balcony.

Subsequently, she was knocked out by her stepmother and stepsister.

When waking up, she was in this hotel.

Tang You You pushed herself off the bed in anger and quickly picked up her clothes. Suddenly, a watch fell down.

On the back of a chair beside him, there was a man’s suit jacket …

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