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Room 303 Handsome Guys Legion 1

Room 303 Handsome Guys Legion 1
Other names: 303室帅哥军团1
Author: Yu Jia
Genre: Urban Novels
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


Meeting is fate! Although perhaps this is not suitable for the situation in the 303 dormitory of Roland College. One is a young underworld master with a black panther, the other is a handsome crown prince from a small European country, and the other is a sunny boy with facial amnesia. To be honest, this combination is really a teacher’s nightmare. What’s more, there is no reason for this group of guys to sing: The director of discipline inspection on the opposite side looks over, looks over, so in the academy famous for the knight culture, there are clear barriers, and the enemy and the enemy are both clear. But then again, at such a young age, it’s reasonable to do anything wrong–


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