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30 Billion Pets: Black-bellied President Loves Not Enough

30 Billion Pets: Black-bellied President Loves Not Enough
Other names: 300亿盛宠:腹黑总裁爱不够, 30 billion grand pet: not enough love for black-bellied presidents
Author: singing month
Genre: Crossing Novels
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


She slept with him, not enough for one night, night after night. Rumor has it that Xiao Quan, the president of the Dongqi Consortium, is cold and arrogant and not close to women. But in Lou Ying’s heart, this man belongs to her, she belongs to her alone. She can sleep horizontally, vertically, and… Hey, things seem to be a bit wrong. How did her shy and innocent loyal dog husband change his body into an overbearing and demanding wolf. The product promotion and the content are seriously inconsistent, and she wants to return the product! Return! “Return the goods?”

The handsome man unbuttoned his shirt, stepped onto the bed, and pushed forward step by step. “Wife, you slept with my person and took my heart. Now I want to return the goods?” “Woo, I was wrong~ Lou Ying regrets holding the sheets with his hands, and retreats to the head of the bed, with no retreat. At this time, the man has bullied himself and approached him, with his hot breath entangled in his hand, “You are mine, never want to escape, forever!”


Chapter 1 Falling into the sea
Chapter 2 The House Goddess
Chapter 3 Xilou No
Chapter 4 Is He God?
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