The King of Soldiers is Born to be Extraordinary

The former soldier king of China, in order to find the real murderer who killed his beloved, returned to the city and embarked on a wonderful journey. Protecting the beautiful president, the pure school flowers are entangled, and the queen of the sea is enamored for it…The beauties of all kinds are entangled, and Chen Bufan expressed helplessness. He is going all the way, fearless, and is bound to embark on an extraordinary road!
Title: The King of Soldiers is Born to be Extraordinary
Alternative name: – 天生不凡
Author: three cups drunk
Genre: Extraordinary Literary Fiction Library
Release: N/A
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“The following is an announcement about missing persons. Lin Xueyao, the president of Pearl Group, disappeared three days ago. I hope people in the know will actively look for them and provide useful clues to get 5 million cash rewards…”


On a slightly worn second-hand Passat, Chen Bufan reached out to turn off the radio, lit a cigarette and took a sip, and the car suddenly filled with smoke.

“Such a big president, can he lose himself? It’s a fuss.”

While smoking a cigarette, Chen Bufan stared at the feasting scene outside the window. This is the most famous bar street in Binhai. It is overcrowded at night, and countless men and women who have nowhere to release hormones walk together on their backs. It is also a mixed bag. The place.

When he was distracted, the phone next to him suddenly vibrated. He connected the phone without even looking at it, and asked straightforwardly: “Are there any clues?”

“Boss, I still haven’t found…” An apologetic voice came from the phone.

It seems that this result has already been expected, Chen Bufan’s expression hasn’t changed in any way, but if you look closely, you can still notice a trace of disappointment flashing in his firm eyes.

Still can’t find it?

“I see, thanks for your hard work, let’s rest.” Chen Bufan nodded, and wanted to hang up.

“Boss, why do you insist on looking for the murderer? Didn’t the murderer have been killed by you?” A suspicious voice came from the phone.

Chen Bufan chuckled and shook his head, and said: “That’s just a little guy, the real master behind the scenes, and someone else, I will definitely find him.”

After speaking, Chen Bufan hung up the phone and moved his eyes to the photo he hung in front of the window.

The picture shows a smiling girl with short hair, wearing a white dress, looking very beautiful against the sun.

Chen Bufan’s body trembled suddenly, and a touch of pain appeared on that young but somewhat vicissitudes of face.

“Xiaowan, I’m sorry, I didn’t protect you…”

He is not just an ordinary special car driver, but from Tianlong, the most mysterious special organization of China. He is the current captain of Tianlong and is known as the “Dragon King” of China.

The woman in the photo, named Ning Wan, is Chen Bufan’s former lover. When he was in danger due to a decision error, it was Ning Wan who gave up her life and saved him.

Seeing Ning Wan’s moving smile in the photo, Chen Bufan looked in pain, and subconsciously reached out and held the necklace on his chest. The pendant was strange, a bullet with a black skull.

It was this bullet that ruthlessly penetrated Ning Wan’s heart.

A cold light flashed in his eyes, holding the bullet tightly, and secretly swearing in his heart: “Ning Wan, rest assured, no matter what, I will find them and avenge you!”

In fact, in order to find the origin of the bullet, Chen Bufan has searched the entire European continent, and still has no clues. He returned to China this time to find the clues of the bullet.

Unfortunately, two months have passed since he returned to Binhai, and there is still no clue.

With a helpless sigh, Chen Bufan was about to drive away. Suddenly, his eyes swept away. A beautiful woman in a white dress walked out of the bar quickly and broke into Chen Bufan’s sight.


Chen Bufan trembled all of a sudden, his pupils suddenly widened, and he couldn’t help but pronounce the name that made him sleepless late at night countless times.

As the Tianlong captain, Chen Bufan’s most basic ability is to detect and inspect. Even at a distance of several tens of meters, he can see the face of the woman in the white skirt at a glance. It is actually somewhat similar to Ning Wan. He immediately recognized her as Ning Wan.

But soon Chen Bufan shook his head with a wry smile, Xiao Wan had already left, and there was no longer her in this world.

Bang bang.

Just as Chen Bufan was in a daze, a knock on the car door suddenly rang. He opened the car window and saw that the woman in white skirt came to the car for unknown time.

“Beauty, something?” Chen Bufan asked with ripples in his heart looking at that cheek that was somewhat similar to Ning Wan.

“Open the door and take me away!” the white skirt woman said anxiously.

“Take you away?”

Chen Bufan was stunned for a moment. He wanted to ask a few more questions. Seeing the woman looked anxious, he seemed to have noticed something. He glanced at the back subconsciously. Several burly and aggressive men in vests ran away from the bar. When they came out, looking at their direction, it was clear that they were directed at the woman in white skirt.

“It turns out that something happened.”

Chen Bufan murmured, he didn’t intend to be nosy at first, but looking at the woman’s cheeks similar to Ning Wan, it was as if Ning Wan was standing in front of him alive, he really couldn’t give birth to any thoughts of rejection. .

“Get in the car.”

Chen Bufan nodded and opened the door of the car. The woman in white skirt showed joy on her pretty face and quickly sat in the passenger seat.

“No, don’t let her run away!”

When the burly men saw the woman getting in the car, their expressions changed and they rushed over.

“a bunch of idiots.”

Chen Bufan glanced at them with disdain, and when they were about to approach, he slammed on the accelerator.


Passat suddenly rushed out like a roaring beast, rolled up a cloud of dust, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.


A brawny man in a vest who was flying over to stop the car rushed into the air, made a close contact with the ground, and suddenly screamed.

“Damn! Chase it! If Lin Xueyao is allowed to run away, Wang Shao can’t spare us!”

The leading burly man watched the Passat’s taillight disappear from his field of vision, he couldn’t help but yelled, and quickly led someone to chase him.

“Huh, so risky…”

In the passenger seat, Lin Xueyao glanced behind her and saw that the group of people had disappeared. She breathed a sigh of relief, and patted her undulating chest, feeling relieved.

While driving, Chen Bufan couldn’t help but glanced at Lin Xueyao from time to time.

The woman is slim, wearing a long white one-piece dress, stepping on a pair of black high heels under her feet, her smooth long hair falls down like a waterfall, her temperament is noble, like a goddess above her, especially her face, more It’s all over the country, making it difficult to look away.

And every time Chen Bufan saw the latter’s face, his heartbeat would get stuck, creating an illusion.

The woman sitting next to him is his former lover, Ning Wan.

He even wondered if there was any special relationship between this woman and Ning Wan?

“Why are you staring at me?”

Realizing that Chen Bufan’s gaze stayed on him, Lin Xueyao’s blushing face from drinking a bit of wine also showed a blushing color, which looked extremely moving, which made people unable to resist. Love and pity.

“Are you surnamed Ning?” Chen Bufan asked this question awkwardly, looking at Lin Xueyao expectantly, wishing she nodded immediately.

“Surname Ning?”

Lin Xueyao was stunned, shook her head, “My name is Lin.”

A look of disappointment flashed across Chen Bufan’s face. The last name Ning and Lin sounded only a little different, but to Chen Bufan, there was a world of difference.

The clue is broken again.

“You don’t know me?” Lin Xueyao asked, seeing Chen Bufan’s disappointed look, slightly puzzled.

“Are you a star?”


“Are you my girlfriend?”


Lin Xueyao was a little inexplicable, what kind of messy questions this guy asked.

Chen Bufan glanced at Lin Xueyao and said, “Beauty, although you are pretty, you are neither a celebrity nor my girlfriend. Why should I know you?”


Lin Xueyao was speechless, looking at Chen Bufan as if looking at an alien, suddenly thought of something, and asked, “You shouldn’t be from Binhai, right?”

“No, I just came back from abroad and only stayed in Binhai for two months.” Chen Bufan shook his head.

“No wonder.”

Lin Xueyao nodded suddenly, and she said that with her identity, how could this guy not recognize her? It turned out that she had just returned from abroad.

You know, Lin Xueyao, as the most famous business goddess of Binhai, the daughter of the Lin family of Binhai’s top family, has taken the position of president of the family business Pearl Group at the age of only 22, and has outstanding business talents. Under the leadership of, in just one year, the profit has doubled compared with the same period last year, which can be called a commercial miracle of Binhai.

Because of this, Lin Xueyao has been dubbed the “Goddess of Business” by countless people in Binhai. It can be said that he is a household name in Binhai, and he is not weaker than the so-called popular stars.

Lin Xueyao was a little relieved thinking that Chen Bufan didn’t know herself. She was still worried about whether this would be a trap. As the saying goes, the mantis catches the cicada and the oriole, if this guy is also sent by the enemy, how can she? Didn’t you bring it to your door?

But now it seems that she was worrying too much.

“What’s your name?”

Slightly relieved, Lin Xueyao asked, this man saved her, she must know his name.

“Me? Chen Bufan.”

“Chen Bufan?”

Lin Xueyao chanted this rather novel name, and her beautiful eyes looked at Chen Bufan and nodded slightly, “It’s indeed a bit unusual.”

Chen Bufan smiled faintly, did not speak, only he knew the true meaning of the name.

“Why don’t you ask what my name is?”

Lin Xueyao raised her eyebrows lightly. As the most famous business goddess in Binhai, Lin Xueyao still has certain confidence in her appearance and temperament, but since she got in the car, Chen Bufan was looking forward to it when she asked her if she was surnamed Ning. , The rest of the time was an indifferent expression.

When did her charm drop to this level?

“It’s just a meeting in Pingshui, the name is not important.” Chen Bufan shook his head lightly, a touch of loneliness flashed across his face.

Yes, in his heart, as long as it is not that name, nothing else matters.

Lin Xueyao was taken aback for a moment. Through the dim light, she saw the lonely color on Chen Bufan’s face.

It’s like a person who has lost his love can no longer take any interest in everything.

This is a man with a story.

“They followed.” While Lin Xueyao was thinking, Chen Bufan’s voice sounded.


Lin Xueyao’s pretty face changed, and she quickly turned around and took a look behind her, and she saw a black Mercedes Benz quickly followed, and she would be overtaken within a few minutes if she continued.

“Then what shall we do?” Lin Xueyao hurriedly asked.

Chen Bufan did not answer, but instead asked, “Is the seat belt fastened?”

“Tie it, what’s the matter?” Lin Xueyao was slightly puzzled.

Chen Bufan smiled faintly and said: “I will take you to fly.”


When the voice fell, before Lin Xueyao could make any response, Chen Bufan stepped on the accelerator fiercely, and a rumbling sound suddenly sounded. Passat rushed out like a ghost in the night, quickly shuttled in the traffic, and in the blink of an eye, he drove that car The black Benz was missing.


Seeing that Passat disappeared, the man in the suit suddenly slapped the steering wheel with both hands, couldn’t help but yelled, stopped the car, hesitated for a moment, and dialed a number.

“Young Master Wang, we are lost.”

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