General, I Have Fertile Farmland

What if aunt evil forced her to marry a fool using silver to hit her in the face a strange relative coming to beat the autumn wind drive them all away wei shuyu relied on her architectural skills to thrive in ancient times but this fool why he seemed to be smarter than her my wife Jiang ran’s gaze was like a bright starry sky firmly trapping him within no you’re not allowed to call me my wife Jiang ran let out a low laugh but his hands didn’t stop moving then we’ll listen to you call her your wife the next morning a small white hand reached out from the shawl Jiang ran enough of you from what i see you are not a fool at all you are simply a madman the small hand was firmly grasped by the large palm and returned to the tent facing you is not enough for a lifetime
Title: General, I Have Fertile Farmland
Alternative name: –
Author: Dong Cang
Genre: Historical, Romance
Release: N/A
Page(Chapter): 296
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Categories: All Novel, Historical, Romance

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